January 5, 2010

Aamir is the Creative Khan of 2009

2009 is passe and we saw our favorite Khan-trio give a lot of entertainment. Whether it was TV or the big screen or even the cricket field, they made headlines everywhere and for all the reasons.
When all three are out there to outdo each other in terms of their performance, it's we the audience who benefits from their superior quality of work. Shah Rukh Khan started off the year with Luck by Chance and then Billu. Salman Khan took the baton ahead and gave back to back four movies with Wanted being his highlight. And just when everything was about to get over, Aamir Khan gave us all the best Christmas gift ever - 3 Idiots!

3 Idiots is a movie which has caused an entertainment tsunami all across India and abroad and is being touted as the highest grosser in Indian cinema. Till today, it has crossed Rs. 240 crores, i.e. USD 54 million making it an all time blockbuster! What really worked for the movie is a long list and is debated a lot all over the internet. Some say it's the movie script, some say it's the way one can relate to the education system, some say it gives hope, etc. 3 Idiots executed a strong marketing campaign across various mediums like television, social media, etc which no doubt helped substantially but I think it's Aamir Khan who had made this possible above all. No other actor could have given such an excellent performance for the character Rancho in the movie. Of course, Madhavan and Sharman complemented as great co-actors! Aamir is known as a perfectionist but with this movie, I see him as a very creative person too. Creativity can be applied anywhere and Aamir has applied it the best in 3 Idiots! Aamir drew a distinction between the term 'idiots' and 'stupid', saying 'idiots are very normal persons' who at some point prove themselves in an 'unconventional way'. These three idiots brought us smile, hope, fun, jokes, humor, and unearthed many more human emotions and not to forget have also given us all a memorable line to remember for the rest of our lives - Aall ijj well!

To sum up, Aamir is undoubtedly maktion's Creative Khan of 2009 (CK 2009) as he has made us all experience creative cinema! We hope to see more creative stuff from Aamir and also hope that with the current level of creative cinematic bar being raised, the other two Khans will come up with better entertainment! Do share your views by posting a comment below.

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