January 7, 2010

CBSE opens up more courses

India's biggest school educational body - CBSE, i.e. the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi has decided to open up more courses for Class XI and Class XII students by 2011.
As part of their continuous educational reforms, CBSE will offer brand new courses in Media Studies which essentially means that now a Class X pass-out can choose from not 3 but 4 options, i.e. Science, Humanities, Commerce or Media Studies! He/she can opt for an elective or a full-fledged Media Studies course and can choose from 9 newly planned courses:

1. Introduction to Translation and Interpretation
2. Thinking Skills
3. Film, Television and Media studies
4. Development studies
5. Visual Art and Graphic Design
6. Gender Studies
7. Creative Writing
8. Critical Thinking
9. Art Appreciation

To read more on these 9 courses and the objective of introducing them, click here. CBSE will frame the course curriculum along with Subhash Ghai's Whistling Wood International - an institute for film, television, advertising and media arts. Maktion asked a final year student from Film and Television Institute of India, Pune how CBSE's new Media Studies course will benefit students, to which he replied:
I think it's a fantastic idea and a next step altogether in our education system. Cinema plays a very important part not only as a medium of entertainment but also as a medium of education giving lights to various sensitive topics prevailing in our society.
- Shikhar Misra, Editing, 2010, FTII, Pune.

I really think it's a great wind of change and will this will redefine the creativescape in the coming decade. I really wish I could have had this opportunity to study creativity early in life but my advice to all fellow school kids is that you should explore these options depending on your interest, passion and potential. Do post what do you think of this new reform right here at maktion.