January 11, 2010

Create your own Avatar

James Cameron's Avatar has changed the world post 18/12/09! It has won every heart and has created history by breaking all known and unknown box office records across the world!
The land of Pandora excited all age groups and everyone including me after coming out from the movie hall, secretly wished to have his or her own Avatar. I came across a great McDonald's Avatar campaign where you can actually create your own Avatar in just minutes. In other words - Avatarize Yourself! I've tried it and I must tell you, it looks really cool. You too create your own Avatar right here at maktion! The original campaign is in German, but I have made it simple for you by translating the instructions into English. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Avatarize Yourself window below and follow 7 simple steps to create your own Avatar!

Step 1: An Upload and Share option comes at the start. Meaning of the following German words:
German --> English:
Hochladen = Upload
Teilen = Share

Step 2: Now, upload your photo and if you're using it for the second time, you will have the option to retrieve used photos.
German --> English:
Ein Bild Hochladen = Upload a picture
Mein Foto hochladen = Upload your photo
Facebook Bilder = Facebook images
Meine Bilder = My images

Step 3: Agree to the Terms of Service and select your image from the pop-out browser. Wait for the image to completely upload.
German --> English:
Ich stimme den Nutzungsbedingungen zu = I agree to the Terms of Service
Nach Bildern suchen = Search for images
Bild hochladen 100% = Upload image 100%

Step 4: Once your photo is uploaded, you will have to correct it's position like the example given on left. Also, select your gender and then click Submit.
German --> English:
Korrigiere Dein Bild = Correct your image
Beispiel Foto = Example photo
Wahlen Dein Geschlecht = Your gender selections
Mannlich/Weiblich = Male/Female
Rotieren = Rotate
Bewegen = Move
Absenden = Submit
Model abrufen = Get model

Step 5: Once it freezes your photo, you are asked to position the points (eye, ear, nose, lips, chin) as shown in the example on the left and then click Submit.
German --> English:
Positionere die Punkte = Position, the points
Absenden = Submit
Model abrufen = Get model

Note - sometime, the following message may come:
Dein Foto ist abgelaufen. Bitte lada des Foto erneut hoch = Your photo has expired. Please upload the photo again.

Step 6: Now, it's time for the final touched to your Avatar! Choose an emotion (simle/angry) and change the background landscape if you want. You even have the option of changing the character (gender). Add a message (up to 300 characters) which will appaer near the neck region.
German --> English:
Emotionen = Emotions
Glucklich/Wutend = Smile/Angry
Landschaft = Landscape
Charakter = Character
Nachricht hinzufugen = Add message
Fuge eine Nachricht hinzu = Add a message (300 characters)
Bitte gib deine Nachricht im Feld unten ein = Please enter your message in the box
Fertig = Finish

Step 7: Preview your Avatar picture and select the medium by what way you want to send your picture - through email, social media, link.
German --> English:
Vorschau = Preview
Teilen = Parta (to send through email, social media, link).
Versende Deinen Avatar = Send you Avatar
E-mail = Email (write your email address and click Senden = Send)
Auswahlen = Selections (social media icons will appear)
Kopieren = Copy (a link)

That's it! Your Avatar is created! Check your mail or social media to see your very own Avatar! I really hope you enjoy it and will tell all your friends about it. Besides, click here to learn Na'vi language to impress your friends even more! If you have made your Avatar from maktion, then do post a comment below to let me know how much you liked it! I'm already at Pandrora, see you there! ;)