January 4, 2010

Google drops Newton's apple

Today when I opened my Chrome web browser and saw my homepage - Google, I saw a red object drop! I didn't realize at first what happened and then saw a red apple near the language options.
I hovered around Google's logo and got to know it's Sir Isaac Newton's birthday and then understood the doodle's concept. It was actually an animation of an apple falling from the tree stemming out from Google's logo at the top, creatively simulating how the apple would have fallen on Newton's head and bounced before it settled on the ground. See the red dotted lines in the image which shows the path of the apple in motion before it settles near 'Bengali' written below.

I must say this was a very creative animated Google doodle and if you're a day late then chances are that you might not get to see it again! In case you have missed it, click here to watch the animation. Post a comment below on what you think about Google's apple doodle.

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