January 9, 2010

Shah Rukh Khan tweets on creativity

India's most loved celebrity actor - Shah Rukh Khan joined Twitter on January 3, 2010 and posted his first tweet at 2:38am. Since then it''s not even been a week and he's got more than 50,000+ followers (including maktion)!
Everyone is following him, tweeting back to him, asking him and what not! There's huge craze amongst everyone to know what Shah Rukh is doing, where's he going, what's he reading, what next, etc?

I came across an interesting tweet on Shah Rukh's page where he wrote about remembering about someone having asked him:
What does he think is a better choice - money or creativity?
In the next three tweets, Shah Rukh replied:
The best thing is to be an effective human being. Sometimes that requires money & sometimes creativity.
I really liked his viewpoint as he clearly expressed the two requirements for being an effective human being. Folks, it's time we introspect and see how much money and creativity we have! Money can no doubt be earned but creativity has to be experienced. That's why you're here at maktion - to experience creativity! ;)

Write a post below about what's your take on Shah Rukh's tweet. And yes, maktion is on Twitter, so do follow by clicking here. Till then, Be good. Be creative!


  1. I feel the account is not authentic ..(http://twitter.com/iamsrk)...because twitter has policy to verify a celebrity profile and is displayed as verified account...for eg

    may be it will take tame to get authenticated since he has recently joined

  2. @Archana, The account is authentic and has been reported in all sorts of media. Shah Rukh might have chosen 'iamsrk' and not 'shahrukhkhan'/ 'shahrukh' as they have already been taken. Till now, he's 66,000+ fan old, he's got to be SRK!

  3. Yeah, my boss is a fan of this kind of citations. No matter how many posts on how to trick plagiarism software I generate he always screams I'm not productive enough. How does Shkh Rukh suggest to measure efficiency?