January 30, 2010

Show your presentations on the web

Many of us have given PowerPoint presentations either in college, office, etc. I'm sure you must have made a couple of special ppts which you would still like to show, right? Well, you can still present
and that too to a larger audience on the web through slideshare!

Slideshare was founded by Rashmi Sinha, an Indian-American and is the world's largest online community for sharing presentations. It offers you easy options to upload your presentations and show it to the world. Since many people visit this site and new presentations grab immediate attention, chances are that your presentations will find some admirers and if your content along with the flow is really good, you might end up with a big list of followers! Like Facebook and Twitter, if you want to expand your social media presence, then Slideshare is a must have on your list. Slideshare serves as an excellent platform to showcase your presentations to an audience who not only understand but also appreciate and cherish good presentations.

I have uploaded a new presentation today and within 5 minutes, some 9-10 visitors viewed it. Have a look below on what I've uploaded. You can also visit maktion's page on Slideshare by clicking here.

After visiting the slideshare you may feel 'Wow, what great presentations are shown and how will I ever make anything close to them?' I would advice, don't worry, everyone makes a start somewhere and gradually you can make your own little niche. It's always worth giving a try. Do post below on what you think about Slideshare and its application. Till then, happy presenting! :)

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