February 4, 2010

Save our 1411 tigers

1411 - it's not a new SMS number but it's one number doing its rounds on all social media platforms and telling us that today just 1411 tigers are left! WWF and Aircel's Save Our Tigers campaign
brilliantly summarizes the apathy of our national animal by writing "Scared. Lost. Lonely. Is that a life for our tigers?" This definitely is not what we want our Shere Khan to feel when he roams in the jungle and it's time we all take a uniform stand towards protecting our beloved tigers. Take a look at the campaign advertisement below to know what I'm talking about here.

Some of you may be thinking why have I written this post here at maktion? Well, first of all I'm a WWF campaigner since 2003 and secondly I believe this campaign is gaining momentum by its sheer creativity. The ad brilliantly captures the apathy of the tiger cub in his own habitat and makes us wonder why this is happening to him, who is responsible and can it be stopped? Hats off to this brilliant ad by Aircel / WWF which has already generated a lot of buzz on social media circuits like Facebook and Twitter.

Although this is a campaign by a telecommunication company, it is genuine and non-commercial as WWF is a partner too. After all, how many companies have taken the cause to this extent? As a WWF campaigner, I know how important it is to create awareness and generate mass consensus based movements on environmental issues. After seeing the ad many of you must be wondering what can you do to contribute? Well, you can do many things but to start off you can visit Save Our Tigers by clicking here. Once you reach the page, do click 'Join the Roar' where > 40,000 visitors have pledged their support for tigers by tagging their names on the photo screen. Click here to see what more you can do. The website also provides some glaring facts like 86 tigers died in 2009 (really shocking!) and out of 37 tiger sanctuaries, 17 are on the verge of loosing all their tigers. You can also see their twitter page by by clicking here. So, folks do remember that every small action of your contributes, hence spread the word, post this link on your blog or on your Facebook profile, tweet this, etc.
Friends, Save our 1411 tigers! Grrrrhhhhhg!


  1. dear all, here is a song on the subject of diminishing tiger headcount .... please listen to it and share it with ur friends and loved ones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vKV8rDZ0gE