February 6, 2010

The SRK buzz on social media

In the last couple of days, the online social media has been buzzing with Shah Rukh Khan owing to the recent controversy between the superstar and a regional political outfit in Mumbai.
SRK as he's popularly known is a hot word on social media like Facebook where many of his fans have started either a group or a page to show their support for Shah Rukh amidst the current controversy. The same has been seen on the micro-blogging site Twitter where many people including well known celebrities are continuously tweeting about SRK.

Most of you would have seen some of your Facebook friends joining such groups and hence would already be knowing of such groups/ pages. In case you haven't seen any such group/ page, then here's some interesting statistics that I've got for you. I searched the following keywords on Facebook, and came up with the following results (as on February 6, 2010, 7pm IST):

Keyword: SRK
  • With SRK (Group, >3560 members)
  • We All Are With You. (Page, >1540 fans)
  • With SRK (Page, >1240 fans)
  • SRK vs Shiv Sena (Page, >40 fans)
Keyword: We+SRK
  • We are with SRK against Shiv sena (Group, >140 members)
  • We support SRK against shiv sena (Page, >680 fans)
  • WE WITH U SRK (Page, >20 fans)
Keyword: With+SRK
  • With SRK (Group, >170 members)
  • SRK.. we r with u (Group, >40 members)
  • Standup with ShahRukh Khan (Group, >30 members)
  • With SRK always (Page, 5 fans)
Keyword: Support+SRK
  • We support SRK against shiv sena (Group, >1740 members)
  • I SUPPORT SRK........AND NOT THE B_____ SHIV SENA...... (Group, >410 members)
  • I support SRK & the release of MNIK (A stand against Shiv Sena) (Group, >730 members)
  • Support SRK . My Name is .......... (Group, >35 members)
  • Not a SRK Fan still .will watch movie "My name is Khan" to support SRK.. (Group, >10 members)
  • SRK Rocks... Support for SRK (Group, >5 members)
  • Support SRK (Page, >60 fans)
  • I am an Indian and I support SRK (Page, >10 fans)
Keyword: We+Shahrukh
  • WE ARE WITH YOU SHAHRUKH (Group, >110 members)
  • We love Shahrukh (Group, > 350 members)
  • Shahrukh khan we support you (Group, > 170 members)
  • shahrukh we support u (Group, >100 members)
  • we hate shiv sena n we are wiD shaHrukh khan !!!!!!!!!! (Page, >170 fans)
  • We Support Shahrukh Khan against Shiv Sena (Page, >5 fans)
Now, if we add up all the number of members/ fans, we get a whopping 11373 people! It's very likely that a person may be present on multiple groups/ pages, hence let's assume such cases would account to 50%, i.e. 5687 people are buzzing SRK on the social media! To add to it, the average number of friends one has on his Facebook profile is 130, hence at any moment of time, these group/ pages are being exposed to 739310 people! The real success of social media lies in the ability to expose the content, view, thought, etc to as many people as possible and what we see here is a classic case where apart from the regular fan and movie pages, SRK is buzzing for the ongoing controversy and the support from all quarters is pouring in! No wonder, he's King Khan who now has a huge online fan support base too! Post a comment on what's your take on SRK buzzing aloud and how did you find this post.


  1. The minute I heard about the controversy I bowed to the awesome machine that is SRK's PR. Perfection and beauty. The subject matter is of course near and dear to all- freedom of speech. I heartily suggest creating a 'SRK Foundation' supporting documentary films which project the ideals he is putting forth. He is a terrific person for this- it's film (his favorite subject) but not fiction, and can go across many thresholds to incite change. He's in the right place -always. Having said that, I know of a perfect film that needs backing and would be incredibly honored to be a recipient of any help from SRK's production house or proposed SRK foundation. The film is My Vision For Pakistan. I am Chris Plenge and the filmmaker is from Mumbai in NYC now, Hemal Trivedi. I heard about this from Facebook's link.

  2. Thanks Arif! Here it is one year later and we need to support #SRK once more from those who react hatefully without logic. I understand the passion built by loyalty to ones team, country, religion, etc. It is unfortunate that #SRK said "Dada would always be the captain of KKR - even at 106 years." He is given no slack - weighing EVERY word out of your mouth for potential repercussions would render one speechless - not part of #SRK's passionate Indian makeup either. I understand impulsive talk, passion, loyalty, disappointment, and anger...but NOT that it deserves abuse and burning effigies. :(