February 27, 2010

What a simple egg-great ad!

Egg - one food product which most of us like to eat. For me it tops my list of bachelor home recipes as it's easy to prepare and that too in various forms. But, imagine what happens when this liking for an egg is taken a little far.. any guesses?
Well, I came across The Economic Times advertisement in The Times of India, Mumbai edition where I saw this simple yet brilliant egg themed print ad!

The yolk depicted CEOs conviction of the budget before the budget and the white protein depicted conviction after the budget! Putting a egg omlette style graph on a black backdrop seems simply egg-great to me and I'm sure many of you would also feel the same. Post a comment on what do you think of this eggr8 ad! :)


  1. yep, that was very creative!

  2. @Shama - Showing a graph in form of an egg omlette gabs your attention instantaneously. Very creative!

  3. WOW! I'm so glad to find such a natural way to dye the eggs for Easter. I don't like to use dye from shops, even from columbusmmug service. I think that this is the good substitution of simple receipts.