February 2, 2010

Write in Hindi to win prizes

How many years has it been since you left school? And, how many years has it been since you last wrote in Hindi? Whatever the number of years, Hindi poems and stories in school always had something special associated with them.
I remember when our teacher used to read out the chapters to us, we found ourselves lost in the world of fantasies, although sometimes we enjoyed the poem induced sleep too!

I can recollect some of my Hindi chapter from my school days like the very well known मधुशाला (Madhushala), गोदान (Godan), आ रही रवि की सवारी (Aa rahi Ravi ki sawari) and not to forget डाकू उन्गलिमाल (Daku unglimaal) ..all these amazing stories and poems still excite many of us today! If you have a flare for reading and writing in Hindi, then this post is for you!

Google and LiveHindustan have announced  है बातों में दम? (Hai Baaton Mein Dum?) contest wherein you just have to think and write in Hindi to participate. You can choose from any or all of the following five topics to write on:
  1. Entertainment
  2. Travel
  3. Sports
  4. Health
  5. Social, Economic and Political Issues
Once you submit your entries, you'll be judged on three parameters - Originality of the content, Quality of prose and Interest generated. If selected, you will qualify for the higher rounds. Read more on the eligibility, rules and higher round phase by clicking here. If you really were a good Hindi content thinker and can write it down, then who knows you may end up winning prizes like a laptop or a Rs.5000 online bookstore voucher if you are a high school student! So cool, right? But after all this, you might have one basic question - how do you write in Hindi on the web? Well that's very easy! With Google's transliteration tool you can write Hindi as good as you wrote back in school. Click here to read intructions. Do write asap as the contest ends on February 15, 2010.

So, what are you waiting for? Be creative and write something great! I would say in Hindi - दौडाओ अपने दिमाग को और लिख डालो ऐसी कहानी जो दिल को नहीं, गूगल को छू जाए! ;) Good luck!

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