March 14, 2010

Change in attitude for the better

Shah Rukh Khan's Kolkata Knight Riders was the last placed team in IPL2. They could win only 3 out of their 14 league matches. But this year in IPL3 we see a change, a change in their attitude for the better!

A lot was talked on their coach's multiple captain theory which only only did harm the team's performance in IPL2 but also lowered the confidence of the boys. But then, this team is owned by none other than Mr. Chak de! The way Shah Rukh has risen to the top in his field is by virtue of his many qualities, one major being - his attitude. His attitude speaks for himself and he never gives up as he loves winning, remember Bazzigar?! Shah Rukh not only listened to Sourav Ganguly but also gave him full support and asked the boys to forget the past and change their attitude for the better. He went on the extent of writing an inspiring letter to his boys where he talked about keeping the faith in themselves and their capabilities. Such words of wisdom not only encouraged his team but also infused positive spirit and and a change in attitude. In a television interview last week, Shah Rukh said that they have only changed two major things in the team - their jersey colour from black to blue and their attitude!

Many of you must have experienced that when things start going so wrong and eventually out of control, we panic, loose hope and our confidence level takes a beating. We start doubting others' intentions and there's an unseen air of negativity around us. During such times, I tell myself to remain focussed as I know this bad time will also pass by. You never know, there might be something wrong in you and a little introspection and guidance from close friends can help you. A little change in your attitude is such hostile hours can work wonders for you. Try it!

Today, by the time I publish this post, The Kolkata Knight Riders have all the reasons to fly as they have won their second consecutive match in IPL3 and that too against the best two teams of IPL2, i.e. Deccan Chargers (last year's champions) and Bangalore Royal Challengers (last years's finalists and number 2)! This should be proof enough to see that a change in attitude can do better for you! So let's Korbo, Ladbo, Jeetbo re and hope this winning streak continues. Do post on what's your take on this and till then, be positive!

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