March 24, 2010

Choose your web browser

How many times has it happened that you were surfing some site and suddenly your web browser went kaput! The site hung, an error prompt popped out and you got really frustated! This is nothing but a browser crash!
If it's happening quite often, it's time you choose your web browser to surf fast and smooth!

In an interesting study by Google, it came out that only a little more than half of the web users know what browser they are using!

This obviously shows the level of confusion in people's understanding about web browser despite the fact that it is one of the most used application programs on the computer. If you also don't know, then click here to know which web browser (and its version) you are using right now.

Usually, people tend to use the web browser their PCs come equipped with, i.e. either the Internet Explorer (IE) or Safari (for Mac owners) and hence they never try the other available browsers and that too for free! Today besides the IE and Safari, you can choose your web browser from many popular names like Opera, Chrome and Firefox, etc or you can simply upgrade your PC's existing web browser for faster speed, security and extensibility.

The IE remains the most popular web browser followed by Firefox. However, it's not a bad idea at all to try out new browsers like Opera, Firefox and Chrome which offer rich web experience. There are also some unheard but interesting browsers like Flock, GreenBroswer, etc; click here to see all of them. These days with the IPL in action, Google has come out with a 'fast cricket in a fast new browser' social media campaign which is being advertised heavily on Facebook and is generating some buzz!

My personal favourite is Google Chrome. I've been using it since it's launch in September 2008, and boy, I just love it! It takes very less time to load, it's fun'n friendly to use and it's super fast. Plus, it never crashes! What more do you want? Click here to know more on - why Chrome? So, decide and choose the right web browser today.