March 9, 2010

Google in a nutshell

Larry Page and Sergey Brin - the two names which we'll never forget as they are the ones who have organized the world's information and have made it universally accessible and useful. By now you must have already guessed, I'm talking about Google!

Our day doesn't pass without googling something and let's accept it, Google is an important part of our live today and makes us happy. Such fondness only develops when the product in question is interesting and in Google's case, it's not one product but a whole spectrum of products that Google offers which are amazing and interesting. Trust me, there are so many Google products that I like that it's hard for me to pick the top 3, although Gmail remains my all time favourite.

So, why are these products interesting? Well, the simple answer is Google understands their customers very well. They are a very interesting company and just like the way I posted Facebook's infographic last month, I came across an interesting Google infographic posted by Pingdom. It really amazes me to see how Google as a company has evolved in the last decade, how much market share they have and how much money they make! Plus, you'll get to know something they call as Noogler, so read on below to more interesting facts on Google.

Picture reference: Pingdom

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