March 28, 2010

Will you OfficeTalk?

What connects all departments at office? Think. Think. Well, what else, it's communication! At office, people either communicate by going to the other person's desk (most effective), call them up on intercom, write a mail or message
(when in a meeting). And realizing this trend are many companies including the latest one to jump in - Microsoft!

Enterprise microblogging is the new way to communicate in office and there are existing players like Yammer. Although Twitter also does the same, but it's banned in many offices due to privacy concerns. Microsoft is coming out with OfficeTalk and describes this project as a concept test to explore the value of microblogging in the enterprise.  Right now, it's running within Microsoft corporation and they're seeing >10,000 visitors and hundreds of messages posted daily. Microsoft does admit that their OfficeTalk looks similar to well known services (referring to Twitter) but the key difference is that the enterprice will own the data since the server will be hosted in the customer's organization.

Now, the question is - will you (use) OfficeTalk? Although it may not find many takers in the beginning, I would surely like to go for it as I see it as an equivalent to Google's GTalk which I've extensively used in college. With GTalk, there are many benefits, some of the major ones being:
  • Instant information exchange (onilne/offline).
  • Transferring file attachments without the hassle of sending through email.
  • Group chats for quick discussions.
I'm already  using Twitter and if OfficeTalk works on the same lines then I'll be really comfortable handling it. Click here to see the slideshow of how OfficeTalk would appear. Once these pilot tests are over, the only thing Microsoft needs to do is aggressive marketing of this product. Whether they offer it independently or bundle with an existing product, it's for them to decide. I'm just interested in using OfficeTalk! So, will you OfficeTalk? Post a comment below.

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