April 20, 2010

My fans are my biggest prize

A lot of contests are running out there for young bloggers like me asking the participants to write on some topic, capturing more comments, etc. I also participated in one such contest and what I've gained is absolutely priceless.
No, I'm not talking about the contest prize here, I'm talking about the support that you all have shown to maktion as part of a recent contest. To me, my fans are my biggest prize and you all rock!

My message to upcoming bloggers is that contests come and go, what stays are your fans! As a blogger it's your responsibility to give your readers/ fans:
  • Good content to read
  • Informative and if possible ensure it's useful
  • Some take home message
  • Added humor to keep things light
To celebrate this association with you, I am going to give away one of the prime display space which you can see above (next to maktion's title on top) to an upcoming blogger and that too for free! For a new blogger, nothing can be more valuable that getting some exposure. And if I were you, I would have definitely grabbed this free opportunity as even a little exposure means a lot in the initial stages. So read below how you can grab  that space.

  1. You should be an upcoming blogger.
  2. You should be very creative!
  3. Yo should be a Facebook fan of maktion (the older, the higher the chances). Click here to become one  in case you already aren't one.
What you have to do:
  1. Post a new article on your blog titled "Come, experience creativity at maktion."
  2. Start with "I like maktion because ___________________."
  3. Write something which you liked and found informative at maktion.
  4. Give a link pointing to http://www.maktion.com/
  5. Inform your friends by publishing the blog post on your Facebook profile.
Once you write such a post, inform me by clicking here. Write your complete name, blog name and do leave a link to your post. In case of more than one entry, the first come first serve rule shall prevail.

So go on, grab the prime display space for one week (from the date of your post) and show everyone your blog with your link right here at your maktion!

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