May 12, 2010

Amazing SkyTeam ad on TOI!

Creativity in ads always excites me and today I have one such amazing ad to share with you. I was doing my usual rounds of TOI news reading last night and suddenly I saw this guy walking on my Chrome screen!
It took some time for me to realise that it was an image ad and not some virus attack!

I have captured the ad through screenshots and am posting it below for you to see. I'm sure you'll enjoy the creativity and the intent of the adman!

1. A black suited gentleman appears from nowhere and starts walking!

2. He keeps walking and is about to reach the jet bridge.

3. He enters the jet bridge with different building views on the outside.

4. He comes out of the other end of the jet bridge and then disappears.

5. SkyTeam logo comes along with the link of their website.

I really liked this ad as it made me curious and I ultimately landed on SkyTeam's website which was equally marvelous. I would categorize it amongst one of the effective engaging ads because:
  • It caught my  immediate attention.
  • It was something fresh amongst the heap of box ads that I see daily.
  • It gave me a fair idea about the product/offering.
  • It successfully compelled me to click the ad (an ads ultimate goal!)
You may or may not be lucky to see this ad as there are thousands of ads waiting to show up through Google AdSense program, hence through this small pic-set which you just saw, do post a comment below to express what do you think of this concept? Till then, let's team up in the sky, let's SkyTeam! ;)

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