May 23, 2010

Education is the big idea

If life, we tend to remember the favourites. During our growing years at school, we all had one favourite teacher for sure. At one point of time, we even wanted to be like the that teacher but then, we didn't go on to become one ourselves.
The question is - Why? Well, it's not difficult to understand considering the other pressures during our school age which compelled us to take courses promising to give us better careers, where better actually meant high paying jobs!

Aamir Khan raised important question about our education system through his two hit films Taare Zameen Par and 3 Idiots. I came across his interview where he expresses that teaching should be made the highest paying job to encourage the best brains to join the profession. Upon being asked what one idea could change the world, he said:
For me education is the big idea. When I say education, I mean education for all. I also means not just teaching one particular subject to the children but rather allowing them to bloom by recognizing the uniqueness of children. 
Reaching education to each child... know India is a vast country but that would be the idea.
I couldn't agree more to this. If good students are to take up teaching as a profession then they should be first paid well in these advanced times. After all, they will be the nation builders, the better the education they can provide the better the students will become and ultimately the country will progress. All this can happen when they live a good life free from day to day tensions. Equipping them with a healthy pay would provide them abundant time to streamline their thoughts in one direction, i.e. education. This will also allow innovation to flourish in this field across all levels.

Although such thoughts repeatedly come up in some or the other forum, the decision makers tend to overlook it time after time. I hope the Ministry of Human Resource and Development does come out with something big for our beloved teachers so that students don't just have a favourite teacher but actually go on to become one themselves. Do post a comment below on whats your take on this.

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