May 5, 2010

Follow the 3S on Twitter!

If you still haven't joined Twitter, then you might be missing out on your favourite stars' thoughts, work, travel, home pics, etc! Today, many celebrities are resorting to Twitter as it's an easy way to connect and engage with their followers/fans.
I have picked three celebrities from different fields - the 3S whom you should follow if you want to get the hang of Twitter! If you like them then just click their display picture below to follow them.

Shashi Tharoor
Profession: Politician
Number of Followers: 760,752*
The first S is Shashi Tharoor who has the highest number of followers amongst Indian celebrities. He is very regular on sending his tweets and posts on diverse topics ranging from politics, nation, health, hospitals, roads, sports, cinema, IPL (ahem!!), etc. Most of his posts narrate his professional life and its associated events. He occasionally uploads his twitpics and responds to followers on a regular basis. Recommended to follow him to know more about India and it's twitter-headline leader!

Shah Rukh Khan
Profession: Actor
Number of Followers: 329,872*
The second S is Shah Rukh Khan who started tweeting since January 3, 2010 and today enjoys a huge follower popularity amongst his peers. No other Indian actor has surpassed him till now. He generally posts in night hours or early mornings and writes 5-10 tweets every time he logs in on various stuff. He tweets on his personal and professional life, his movies (Ra.One), his team (KKR), friends, his kids, his travels, his thoughts on life, and of late his cold! He sometimes gets into an auto mode wherein he writes 4-5 different messages in one single tweet. An interesting tweeter, recommended to follow if you want to learn from a self made man!

Sachin Tendulkar
Profession: Cricketer
Number of Followers: 75,466*
The third S is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar who joined Twitter yesterday (May 4, 2010) on his children's request and has already got a huge number of followers which is undoubtedly the highest an Indian celebrity has ever got in a one day period. Right now he has put his UNEP logo as his display picture and he's posted about close friends, a picture holding 2 crabs, IPL and wishing his fellow cricketers. Sachin has just begun and it won't be wrong to guess if  the Little Master would go on to break some records here on Twitter too!

*Number of followers at 10:30pm IST, May 5, 2010

If you do join Twitter, then you can also follow maktion by clicking here. Do post a comment below on what do you think about the 3S and which celebrity do you enjoy following the most on Twitter. Till then, be creative and tweet a lot! :)

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