May 21, 2010

maktion in Bloggers Premier League

It feels great announcing that maktion has participated in Bloggers Premier League! This is a first of its kind contest in the blogging world run by GingerChai.
Short named as BPL (not to be confused with Below Poverty Line), it promises to be an exciting format where bloggers get to display their individual blogging talent being part of a team. And each team in turn will be pitted against the other teams, ultimately blogging it out to win the BPL!

There are 6 teams comprising of 8 blogger teammates. These team were randomly selected to promote interaction and networking amongst them. GingerChai has given all these 6 teams a jazzy name and a logo to reckon with.

The rules of the tournament are pretty clear and in addition to the BPL Champions title, there will be individual titles too like:
  • Blogger of the round
  • Blogger of the tournament
  • Most prolific commenter
  • Best Male player of the tournament
  • Best Female player of the tournament
  • Most popular blogger of the tournament

maktion is a part of team 4 - The Inscribe Tribe

We've got a disgruntled eagle and the intel-tortoise logo which I think is neat and cool! We are a team of eight bloggers and are gearing up to showcase our scribes with jibes! We're all set to enjoy ourselves in this exciting tournament and hopefully give our best for the Blogger Premier League Champions title!

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