June 14, 2010

BPL: If you don't save me now, then who will?

This post has been published by me as a team member of Inscribe Tribes for the SUPER 5 round of BPL!

Bloggers Premier League (BPL) – The first ever unique, elite team blogging event of blog world. To catch the BPL action and also be part of future editions and other contests, visit and register at Cafe GingerChaiThe topic which I got is 'Poem/ illustrative story on Save Earth'. As part of maktion's green initiative I've decided to write a poem for the very first time on this blog. Here it goes:

If you don't save me now, then who will?
By Arif Khan, July 14, 2010

Prelude: Today, our Earth is suffering from the environmental blunders which we continue to make. If this continues, nothing will be left and the beautiful phenomenon called 'life' may soon come to an end. Realizing this, Earth decides to speak to us, question our acts and asks for our support.

I have seen life begin from the atom, within the cell,
Then came in the ape that evolved to become wise and well.
He transformed into you, the intelligent human being,
The same who started studying under professors and dean.
The more you all studied, the more you got to learn,
You got your degrees and subsequently you started to earn.
With money in hand, you bought things to eat, wear and drive,
Your uncapped spending started making me suffer and strive.

The rampant eating habits is not only forcing your own health to fail,
It is leaving no chance for survival for many animals including the whale.
Be it any season, fashion maneuvers the choice of what one wears,
Putting at risk the life of numerous wolves, crocodiles and bears.
Your desire to reach your destination faster makes you drive a car,
That results in an increased consumption of fuel, leaving a depleting oil scar.
With every passing year, I am becoming seriously ill,
If you don't save me now, then who will?

With long summers and short winters, the seasons are showing a drift,
The green house emissions caused by you in responsible for this sudden shift.
The innocent children are taught in school about recycling and going green,
And you buy them vehicles to emit and pollute the air which is very mean.
At times, the government comes out with sensible laws to do its bit,
But you continue to use plastic bags, thus defying the environmental permit.
With every passing year, I am becoming ill,
If you don't save me now, then who will?

The phenomenon of global warming is too critical to ignore,
You just read and discuss, when it comes to act you find it a bore.
You celebrate Earth Day, Environment Day which is all good,
But what matters in the end is how committed you stood.
You vote, you sign various online environmental petitions,
It's time you lead by doing small but significant contributions.
With every passing year, I am becoming ill,
If you don't save me now, then who will?

Whatever I told you about my plight, my deterioration,
If not for your present, then at least think for your future generation.
In an ocean, every single drop contributes although being small,
You should stand up today amongst the crowd and take a pleading call.
All these years, I have never asked you anything as you all are a part of mine,
But today, I need you to take care of me and make everything fine.
With every passing year, I am becoming ill,
If you don't save me now, then who will?
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