June 10, 2010

India Post advances, joins Twitter

When was the last time that you saw a Postman coming to your house? Chances are that you might have seen him long back. At least, I haven't seen him in the last five - six years!
With all the Emails, Facebooks and Twitters of the world around, we all have somewhere forgotten our red postman uncle with his bag of letters. But, the uncle he is, he ain't staying back! He's back to stay connected with all of us and that too at our favourite hangout - the web!

Ever since, India Post underwent their brand makeover last year, they have been coming out with new things to keep pace with the changing times. The latest news is that India Post has joined Twitter sometime back to advance ahead! I must say it's a great move to stay in touch with all their consumers, if not fans!

India Post's Twitter handle is @PostOfficeIndia. Their Bio shows - World's largest postal network. Window to the world for the Indian citizen. Very well said! They tweeted that the aim of having a presence on the popular microblogging site is to receive feedback from their consumers as well as to promote international products. During this, many negative comments were also tweeted by consumers which have been welcomed by India Post as a medium to listen and to subsequently improve some of their services. Well well, Postman uncle is listening and that's the most important thing a complaining consumer would want - listen to me and act on it!

If you have any doubts, queries, tracking status or a pin code to ask, then do follow India Post on twitter! They are very prompt and you will not be disappointed. Do post a comment below on what do you think of this advancement and how this will help you.

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