June 19, 2010

Plan your career path

What do I do after XII? This is the one question every student asks himself, his parents, his friends, his teachers at the crossroads of his/her life.
In case you are in school and still haven't asked this question to yourself, then this is the right time to ask, to plan your career path.

At this crucial time in your life, you will find many people coming up to you and giving you tons of free advice on the various educational options. Many times, their advices stem out from their own children's career paths or from common society trends. Listen to them, no harm in that, right? In the end what you should question yourself is - Do I want to be this? Will I enjoy this line as my career? How can I build on it? And if you are not able to decide on your own, then you always have your parents, siblings and close friends with whom you can discuss! Remember, there is no right or wrong career path. Whatever you choose, just be the best at it, enjoy it to the max and build on to scale new heights - success will follow!

On the same note, I would like to share a Career Path chart which one of my office colleagues forwarded to me. As I can make out from the chart, Prof. Vijay Navale / Mahesh Narke have worked hard to put this up for all you students out there. Go on, have a look, you will find it useful to make a better informed choice.

Click the image for a large, better view

Do share this all your friends and in case you need any advice on Science / Management careers, you can ask me by clicking here.


  1. on the off chance that students are not ready to choose their own, then they generally have folks, kin and dear companions with whom them can examine! Keep in mind, there is no correct career path. Whatever you pick, simply be the best at it, appreciate it to the maximum and expand on to scale new statures,the federal resumes will help you to select a career path.