July 7, 2010

Psychic Paul - The Octopus predictions!

FIFA WC 2010 has suddenly become a lot more interesting! No, it's not because all the South American teams are out, it's because there's a Psychic Octopus named Paul who is stunning football fans across the world with his remarkable ability to predict the outcome of German football WC games!

Based in Oberhausen, Germany this two year old mollusk has correctly picked the result of all the three league, Last 16 and quarterfinal games of Germany so far. Psychic Paul informs his prediction by choosing one box amongst two which has a mussel and a flag of both the WC playing countries. So far, Paul has been absolutely spot on and could even predict Germany's loss to Serbia beforehand!

With Paul's proven track of predicting German game results, this Octopus predictor has become a hit across all social media channels. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, Psychic Paul is the hot topic of discussion across all social media platforms.

On Facebook, many pages have opened up after this Octopus's name. Picture this, there's one such page 'Paul, The Psychic Octopus' with >15,000 fans!

Twitter is in fact a step ahead. Pulpo Paul is ranked third in Twitter's Top Trending Topics (as on July 7, 2010, 11pm IST).

For the second Semifinal WC match tonight between Germany and Spain, Paul has predicted Spain's victory. This has indeed sparked fresh debate over Paul's predictions on the social media space and it remains to be seen whether he again comes out right. Whichever team wins, all I can say is he's superb and he's psychic! ;)

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