July 17, 2010

Twitter tips for new users

Road Runner used to say beep beep to Bugs Bunny but now the world is saying tweet tweet to other social runners! Everyone from people like you and me, celebrities, brands, companies, sport organizers, sportsmen, charities, bloggers, news networks, etc are immersed in the blue twee! ;)

Twitter is an information network that connects people through the exchange of quick, 140-character messages often called Tweets. It's popularity has risen over the years as the preferred destination to discover what's happening 'right now', anywhere in the world! Think of any topic under the sun, search on Twitter and chances are you'll find some discussion on it! If it's the topic of the town you'll find thousands of tweets coming one after the other! I've been Tweeting for quiet some time now and have really enjoyed the experience. Some quick benefits I can list down out of my experience are:
  • Connecting with friends - real time updates through web, phone, etc.
  • Getting real time 'fastest' news which can be of help is it's related to your own city, area or neighborhood.
  • Getting to know more about what the people whom I admire think, do besides their own field of excellence.
  • Sharing the world cup excitement and celebrations!
  • Read movie reviews right from people like us which can help you to make your own decision - a yes or no?
  • And finally, if you have interest in Marketing - Twitter is the place to be. You get to know what consumers are thinking, what's the trend for new launches, criticism of products, etc.
There is so much more to experience on Twitter and if you still haven't jumped in, then this is the time - Join Twitter! If it's your first time then here are some tips for you:
  1. Discover, find, follow explore - It's all about discovering new information. Start off by finding and following other accounts with whom you are familiar with. They can be anybody - friends, family, colleagues. Gradually you will come across other known accounts and can follow them too. Search for some people whom you admire. It's after all a social network, the more your explore the more you get to know, the choice to follow.
  2. Build a Voice: retweet, reply, react - you will see messages from others as a readable stream on your homepage. Read them and retweet messages you love and want to share with all your followers. If you find any message interesting, reply to that person. Voice your reaction show others what you think and care about.
  3. Create: contribute your own content - Once you get the hang of tweeting, tweet to some of your friends to their twitter handle. If the content interest the other person, it could result in an interesting conversation! Remember, you will remain dry until you actively contribute. Only you can build yourself on Twitter.
  4. Grow: expand your reach - Once you become more a regular, others will find you and hopefully follow you. If you regularly engage and contribute meaningful content, you are bound to get noticed and have a wonderful experience at Twitter!
Hope you've liked these tips and will tweet actively. You can follow maktion to receive the latest updates @maktion. In case you would like to connect with me, my twitter handle is @ArifKhan7. Do post a comment if you have a blue twee experience to share!

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