September 4, 2010

SRK's grammar spikes on twitter!

What would do you do if you get stuck at something and want to understand it? Ask someone or search, right? Well, Shah Rukh Khan was almost in a similar situation when he had to teach his son some grammar on phrases and clauses.

SRK did start well but when it came to explaining 'Predicate' he had no clue what it was! He tweeted loud "what the hell is predicate????" and added "sounds like a predator who ate this point i feel...i will be the food for this predator... predicate... predicate.. go away shoo" All this is real time was quiet funny to see. And like many of his fans I too was enjoying his live tweets! Have a look at his tweet transcript below.

And this was not the end. As soon as Shah Rukh tweeted 'predicate', he got flooded with responses from all his fans. I checked on Google updates by searching for 'Predicate' and countless tweets were continuously dropping in reply to Shah Rukh's question. Many explanations came, with different examples. With so much 'information at your desktop', I'm sure Shah Rukh must have found it real easy to explain 'Predicate' to his son! In the end, he did thank all for the 'tuitions'.

Out of curiosity, I once again checked on Google updates for 'Predicate' for the entire month of August 2010 and this time got to see a clear 'spike' (see the red arrow below) on August 28, the day when he tweeted about 'Predicate'!

Even Shah Rukh wouldn't have expected the overflowing response to his one little tweet! But then he's the King and is no ordinary tweeter. This was a moment when the star used the power of social media for good use, i.e. to teach his son. Post a comment below to share how you've used Twitter for understanding something you didn't know. You can also connect with me @ArifKhan7.


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