September 24, 2010

Surprises can trigger instant response

Today as I was surfing and reading some articles on the net, a cousins message came on my phone. I grabbed my phone, went to the Message Inbox and opened the message. At first, I was unsure whether I read it correctly. I reread it to confirm as the content was not the same old expected joke or humor type from this cousin of mine! It was something which actually surprised me literally! Here's what the actual message was:

Now, there's actually nothing to get so surprised in it as it's an announcement of one's engagement - simple! But the reason why I got surprised was because I know this cousin of mine who is still studying in her second year and an engagement would probably be the last thing on her parents mind right now! As an immediate response after realizing that I've indeed got the message right, I replied "Wow, that's wonderful. It came as a surprise. Congratulations from all of us."

A reply came from my cousin "Hey did u read d entire msg? pls read it entirely! lol." I went back to my Message Inbox and read the message for the third time and realized that I did not read the complete message as there was a scroll bar which meant more was to follow below! I scrolled down and got to read "SANTA KI GRLFRND USKO ITNA BOLKAR CHALI GAYI.." which actually completed the message. I laughed, as it was another joke message but this time unique and a little different.

Now, you must be wondering whether this incident qualifies for becoming a blog post? Well, the reason why I narrated this incident is because later I thought about it from a Marketing perspective. In this world full of clutter and little differentiation, a surprise can actually help in differentiating. If the element of surprise is creative and exciting then it can actually trigger an instant response! That's exactly what happened with me, I replied immediately without even reading the entire message, unlike most of the times when I just read joke messages and don't reply.

If I have to think of something similar then I can probably connect with the Volkswagen Talking newspaper ad which came in The Times of India, September 21, 2010 hard copy edition. Believe it or not, this ad on the last page actually spoke for itself which surprised many readers as it was something really new and no one had experienced such a kind of an ad ever before. It not only caught immediate attention but also triggered an instant response on social media like Facebook and Twitter where there was a lot of buzz of this talking ad. Now, how much did it translate into sales is a question which you can directly ask Volkswagen! In case you missed this one of a kind talking newspaper ad, then have a look here:


  1. "An idea can change the world; an ad campaign can make a fortune". The important thing in the media world is that you have got to stay creative. That's all matters the most!!!
    Nice post.