October 31, 2010

7 tips to win@work

As a youngster I always looked out for some guidance from experienced people to advance in the right direction. Now, with some work experience and accomplishments under my belt, I thought of giving something back by sharing #7tips to win@work! You will these tips useful for your personal development as we all learn from experience, whether our own or from that of others.

This presentation is my entry for Slideshare and 3M's World's Best Presentation Contest 2010 through which I've made an attempt to share #7tips from my small but useful experience and trust me irrespective of whether you are a student, a professional, a Doctor, a teacher or a scientist - you'll be able to connect and win@work! These are simple, easy-to-follow kind of tips which most of us experience and would agree with.

The #7tips to win@work are:
  1. Be clear of the objective.
  2. Think, plan and prioritize.
  3. Brainstorm for consensus.
  4. Communicate to the point.
  5. Follow a simple working code.
  6. Take breaks, drink water!
  7. Celebrate success with team.
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To read more on these tips, simply see the presentation below. If you find something useful, then do vote on slideshare by clicking here. Make sure you click the vote button below the presentation (see on right). Plus, do share with your friends and colleagues. That'll be really appreciated!
So, did you find any tip useful? Do post a comment to share your tips to win@work!

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