November 15, 2010

Your speech matters!

I've always been fascinated with the way Barack Obama gives his speech. There's some magic, some connect which I always feel through his oratory skills. Although I know he has a very good PR team to do his write-ups, the way he delivers is truly his own and it's impeccable! I love it.

As a youngster, one should always look out for such great skills and pick them up early. After all, this is what we call experience. We see, we like, we may even replicate but ultimately it's we who have to hone our own skills over a period of time.

Today was an opportunity for me to compere (also: host) a company event and although a little reluctant (as I actually didn't have any time), I took it up as an opportunity despite knowing I had 50% chances of making a mockery out of myself! But then if you want to live your dreams, if you want to grow - you got to take risks and make an attempt before saying 'No, I can't'. So, what did I do after accepting the role to compere? Well, I had only 4 hours before the actual event. Yes, only 4 hours! And I had to make the most of it. I've often seen people give the same long type introductory speeches which actually puts the audience off right from the word 'Go'! Boy, I knew one thing - If I'm out there on the stage, I ain't doing this way. Never! My HR Head was supportive and she said - "Do it the way you like Arif, I have confidence in whichever style you adopt." That was it, the little motivation kick start for my brain motor!

I'm no avid book reader. In fact the average number of books that I read in a year may be perhaps one, two or max three and that too on recommendations. But I do know the importance of reading and I read a lot of stuff on the net like crazy. Whatever I can catch hold off, I just read quickly. Although I'm not at all a reciter type, these things remain in my mind as informational patches. And I know how to use them very well. I connect them to make sense, I use them to build stories and I even use them for adding to my humoropedia (no such term!). I just love playing with words; they really are my toys! Using this magical skill of mines' I penned up an introductory speech for our event in just 1 hour. And boy, I can't tell the reactions, you had to be there to hear the claps! Here's the transcript of my introductory speech:
It was only last week that we had a town hall and I know some of you may be wondering – Why again?
Let’s look outside for a moment – what’s happening? It’s November and it rained today morning! Isn’t that strange? It is! As Al Gore put it – it’s the inconvenient truth! But have you noticed? It’s not only the glaciers which are shrinking; it’s the world where we live in, the world where we work, the world where we communicate – is shrinking too! We have the IMs, Skype, Facebook and Twitter and all these mediums of communication have one thing in common – to make people converse freely across geographical boundaries!
Today I stand before you in order to make a similar attempt where we can listen, converse and most importantly I’d say - participate. My dear colleagues, welcome to the XYZ Employee Meeting! It gives me great pleasure to introduce our guests to you. We have with us: A, B, C, D (all top management people from our Asia Pacific Regional HO, Singapore).
Like I said earlier, this is a forum to listen, converse and participate. We’ve got A with us who is here to share as much information as possible. Communication happens best when you come face to face, interact freely, understand in an open forum environment just like the way you GTalk! Right? 
My friends, do make the most of today’s Employee Meeting! 
I learnt once again today that writing is an art and thinking is a sport. Mix both of them well and you make magic. Today I realized and experienced that after all -Your speech matters! The response was great and my audience connected for the next 2 hours. This was my Obama moment! :) I would like to hear from you, so do post a comment below. Till then, be creative and keep writing!

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  1. Your speech matters! No doubt Brack Obama has the best speech to deliver. He has the very strong words. I love his speech. Thank you for posting