December 12, 2010

What India googled in 2010?

It's December and Google released their Zeitgeist 2010: How the world searched report. Zeitgest (German) means 'the spirit of the times' where Google aggregates millions of search queries during the entire year and summarize it in a neat interactive report. You can get insights into global, regional, past and search trends.

Earlier as a Marketing student and now a professional, I've enjoyed studying the Zeitgests since 2008. I play with the interactive charts to see the search patterns, trends, etc and whatever interests me, I read more on it. It's a way to know the world a little better through a lot of angles! And, it's not just restricted to global search results, you can jump to your country, in my case - India and see what Indians googled in 2010? I find flipping through such info quiet interesting as it just keeps adding up to my little knowledge treasure chest up there. You never know what can be used when and where. If not in your profession, then at least you remain equipped for throwing some quick info amongst your friends at the coffee shop, or on your Facebook network or simply for your humor tweets! Remember - information never goes waste, so keep collecting as much as you can.

The Zeitgest charts will amuse you at first with their cool looks. Even I went 'Whoa!' the first time I saw it. You can select from Fastest Rising Queries and People on top and gradually play with the time scale by choosing one or two top search results in the entire year. Go ahead, see the red and green lines and read up the info snippets by hovering over the blue dots.

The Google Zeitgest 2010 - India summary:
  • IRCTC (rail ticketing system) topped the charts in fastest rising bracket.
  • New interesting entries are the low cost smart phone maker Micromax Mobiles and YouTube videos.
  • FIFA world cup peaked in June and July.
  • Most popular on web: Songs, Facebook and Google are the top three.
  • Fastest rising people: Brit actress Aruna Shields and Dabangg girl Sonakshi Sinha. Other favorites were Zarine Khan, Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan.
  • Most popular movies: Kites, Endhiran, Dabangg.
  • Most popular brands: Nokia, Samsung, Airtel.
  • Most popular how to: Get pregnant, Kiss, Impress a girl.
You can see the complete top 10 list by clicking here. If you read the last category's last three results in one go, it comes out to be something like this - Create a website, make money, meditate! Haha. I know many of you young bloggers want this to happen! Have patience, everything has a time and it will happen then. Till then, you can just blog and blog! ;)

Do post a comment below and share what you found interesting in the Zeitgest 2010. Plus, if you're on Twitter, then connect with me @arifkhan7 so that we can converse.


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