January 30, 2011

Blog report card: Full year 2010

One full year has passed since I started blogging at maktion. I remember a friend had asked me last year "What will you achieve out of blogging? Who all will read your blog?" At that time, I didn't have any specific answer but I replied "I don't know! I'm blogging from zero (view) today but if I write sincerely I might be able to generate a decent reader-base who can connect with my thoughts." My friend got partially convinced and wished me good luck.

As a blogger, one should be aware of his/er blogs' health. You are putting so much effort in framing your thoughts, selecting appropriate pictures, writing, re-writing so that you come out with a good post but you should ask yourself 'Is anyone reading?' Being a good writer is great but you also need to showcase your blog to the world, in other words 'Market' your blog so that other people know that you have something that might interest them. Once you start doing such promotions either through word-of-mouth, blog forums, social media, emails, etc the next step is to measure, i.e. analyze your blog reader's behavior.

I have been using Google Analytics since maktion's inception. It's a comprehensive analytical tool which tracks the reader status once you install a small code in your blogs' HTML. Believe me, it's no rocket science! Once you've done this, just log in to your Google Analytics account and see the Dashboard. You will see various tabs, charts arranged by various metrics - Page, Views, Location, Content, Browser, etc. There's just so much for you to explore and if you like numbers and are analytical then you'll enjoy this tool for sure.

Coming back to address my friend's question, I have extracted some basic reports which summarize how maktion has performed in the Full year 2010, i.e. from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010. So, let's see this blogs' first report card.

maktion received 10,899 Pageviews which is much beyond that I could have possibly imagined when I had first started! There are many established blogs out there who have done much better but for me this is an achievement. I'm thrilled and excited seeing this 10K + number! In absolute visits, the number if 5,285 Visits making it 2.06 Pages/Visit. On an average, the readers' spent 3 minutes 9 seconds which is again encouraging considering everyone is always in a hurry.

The 5,285 visits came from a whopping 93 countries/territories. I just can't believe this but yes it's 93 countries from where maktion has been seen and possibly read. The top 3 countries are: India, USA and UK.

If I dig a little deep, the 93 countries translate to 822 cities across the globe. I am now floored. I just wish I could interact with each one them.

Finally, looking only within India, visits have come from 92 cities which as you can see above is spread pan-India! The top 3 cities are: Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore.

I can go on and one sharing more statistics from the Dashboard but I think what I have shown above is good enough for maktion's first Blog report card for full year 2010. I feel like sharing this achievement with my friend and saying "Although little, but maktion is making a mark on the web." The figures are a reflection of how much the content is accepted and definitely encourages me to give even better content to my readers. I want to thank each one of you for spending time, reading something of your interest, referring to your friends and proving me regular feedback. I hope to serve you with even more interesting posts in 2011. Do post a comment below on what you have enjoyed the most at maktion.


  1. Congratulations Arif! I'm trying to head the same way. Hope I can manage to do it also.

    I also wish I could speak with people from all the countries. It would be a very interesting thing and a non translatable experience.

    At least you are able to interact with some of them right? people from US, Brazil, France, Singapure and more...

    I was quite impresed with the 3minutes and 9 secondes avarage people spend on Maktion. People realy are always in a rush and 3 minutes and more is quite a time for any blog.
    Also found some similarity on our "blog strategies" my top cities are also near my region and found it interesing to see that India-US-UK and Brazil (from what I imagine ) is far from your top 10. (Brazil is also growing a lot on social and internet access).

    Also have a proposition. why don't you see how many top world cities are on your stats, like New York, Milan, Paris, Berlim, London, Moscou,New Delhi and some more. What you think about it?

  2. Thanks Gabriel! When I started blogging last year, I never imagined I could achieve all this, never! The key lies in being passionate and consistent about what you write and I'm sure you too will do a great job a year down from now. This blog along with twitter has increased my conversation with a global audience and sometimes I do get involved in some great discussions.

    Brazil somehow did not come up in top 10 last year which could be due to a language barrier. But yes, this year in Jan'11 Rio de Janerio is no. 2 in terms of visit and you know who's behind these visits! Haha ;)

    The top 6 world cities (excluding Indian) last year were: New York, London, Singapore, Dubai, Melbourne and Bangkok. I think this year I may be able to achieve a higher world coverage as I do keep my global audience in mind while writing various posts. Let's see how the journey goes ahead.

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