January 9, 2011

RA.One - An electrifying start!

Come 2011, you wake on the second day of January and see your favorite star SRK in a dazzling superhero suit on the front page of the Sunday Times of India, how do you feel? - Electric! Awesomeness! Yes folks, RA.One has arrived! Although not literally as it's release is scheduled somewhere around Diwali (October). I wanted to write about RA.One on the same day, however I waited till today to see the response and then write rather than simply posting a fans' loud cheer!

As fans, a lot of talks, discussion are on the go but what I'm putting up here is a Marketing perspective on RA.One's promotion. I believe the RA.One unit were very smart in placing a front page poster in the national newspaper despite the movie's release being months away.

The thought process here would have been to come out with a fresh bang in the new year! Something dazzling, something that makes you stare, pause and think for a while. It's not that they just thought they need to inform everyone about their project by releasing a quarter page ad on the bottom right of the newspaper. No! I can tell you there's some great Marketing intelligence behind this from my experience as I've been using such tactics at my workplace for generating buzz, curiosity, and the ultimate delight - word of mouth in many of the campaigns that I have worked upon. Today, every Marketer knows that word of mouth is the most powerful tool for reaching out to your audience and if done well, it can work wonders. This is where the unit has got it right and considering competition they have come out early with an electrifying start! Even the caption says 'The Next Level . 2011' and kept you guessing, discussing and sharing with on your friends on your favorite social networks - Facebook and Twitter. In short, it was meant to be and it is - viral!

By afternoon, G.One (being played by Shah Rukh Khan) tweeted expressing his happiness and a link to the poster which has received a whopping 987 comments by the time I write this post. That's so much for a movie which is 10 months away, what say?

Upon exploring a little further, I came to know that RA.One was ranked 1st and 2nd Top Trends on Google India Trends by evening through their Twitter handle @RAOneFanClub.
See the Timeline chart - it shows the interest in Google search trends for RA.One which peaked on weekends (January 2, 8 and 9) Plus, G.One was also trending as it was noted and increased our curiosity!
Personally, I liked the superhero look of G.One like any other fan would have - totally supercool, dazzling and electrifying! I can say that this was a very effective Marketing flag-off by the RA.One unit as the noise it has generated is immense. A twitter search for RA.One speaks of the volume.  I'm just wondering if this is the start, what will the next 10 months have to offer before the actual release of the movie? Whatever it is, bring it on guys as we're excited and we're One - RA.One! Do post a comment below on how you felt upon seeing this ad and whether you talked about it with your friends?


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