February 6, 2011

A kids dream to interview Shah Rukh Khan

As kids we used to do all crazy things we could possibly think of. At that time, no dream seemed impossible and at every hurdle faced our parents stood behind us telling us "Don't give up now. Go for it once more." I recently came across one such kid - Zuha'a Khan on Twitter who has dreamed big! She is a 16 year old girl form Canada who tweets by the handle @Zuha25 and hopes to become the first teen to take Shah Rukh Khan and his family's interview.

Now, some of you may thing - what's great in that? Well, even I didn't find anything great till I clicked her letter request to Shah Rukh Khan and what I read was so touching. I'm pretty sure that if SRK just reads the letter once, he will in all likelihood give this little interviewer one chance, just one! I found her letter very well crafted, creative and written by a honest heart. I just loved every line and would like to share some excerpts from the letter:

A Request to Shah Rukh Khan:

- My name is Zuha'a Khan and I am 16 years old. I live in Ontario, Canada and I am writing to you because I would like to have the honor and the great privilege of taking the interview of you and your whole family.

- I know you've heard millions and probably billions of times that, "I'M YOUR #1 FAN," and sure - I feel the same way about you, but the whole reason of why I'm asking you this, is because I want to show the world that kids can do whatever they want, regardless of how crazy or big their idea is. I want to give the message to all the children in the world to follow their dreams and believe in their selves, because they can make a difference.

- Whether it's from becoming a doctor, engineer, pop-star or even taking the interview of the biggest actor in India, Mr. Shahrukh Khan; we can do it! You yourself said, "There's no harm in trying," and that's exactly what I'm doing right now. I'm trying to get you to say yes, to give me the chance of fulfilling my dream, to help me show the world that kids can make a difference and as long as we try; we can believe and we can achieve! It would be a great pleasure if I can interview you and your family, just once in my lifetime.

- Even you have kids, don't you remember encouraging them for the most craziest things. Obviously, you would've encouraged your child because that's what every other father, mother, parent and thoughtful person does. Well, my parents encouraged me and even through many people thing this is unrealistic and impossible; I still want to try it! I want to be the first kid/teenager to interview you with your family, because as long as I can remember, no kid has ever done that yetCome on... all I'm asking for is an interview! If adults can do it, why can't I?

Touched? Read the complete letter by clicking here. Going by her age, I think Zuha'a was wise in publishing the letter on Google Sites which is quiet similar to blogging except that content-wise it's static. Today the web is the most preferred medium of communication. Gone are the days when fans used to send letters to their stars. Now, the stars themselves have come closer through different social networks like Twitter, etc. Although now SRK has almost stopped tweeting, he does understand the concept of blogging and often reads what others have to say about him as commented in the video below:

I and others who know Zuha'a on Twitter have been trying to help her by our little ways and although her dream is big - it's not impossible. There are some positive signs and we're hoping for the best. Somewhere it's every SRK fans' wish to meet him, talk to him, get clicked with him but after reading this letter I think it's Zuha'a who can interview him the best! If you're on Twitter, do copy paste and retweet the following:

RT Please read this letter from @Zuha25 and prove that kids can achieve their dreams! 

Let's try to make it happen for the 'little' big teen! My best wishes.

Updated: Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Celebrating SRK's Birthday at Mannat with A Japanese Fan and A Canadian Fan's Letter

Rieko, SRK's fan from Japan
It was November 2, Shah Rukh Khan's birthday. After wrapping up my work at office, I straight away rushed to Mannat - Shah Rukh Khan's residence at Bandstand, Bandra, Mumbai where I was supposed to meet a  Japanese Shah Rukh Khan fan 'Rieko' from Osaka. I got to know about her from my Twitter friend @Graphic_Water who asked me to meet Rieko and take care as she has come alone to India just o see Shah Rukh on his birthday! I connected with Rieko Izuchi (Follow on Twitter: @My_Name_isRieko)  and asked her to wait for me outside Mannat. I'm not a crazy fan but I liked the idea of being a good Indian host to another fan from another country. You don't get such opportunities everyday, do you? Plus, it was Shah Rukh's birthday, a double treat of sorts!

Zuha'a, Canadian fan letter
Besides, I had one more reason to go - to deliver a little girl's 'Letter to Shah Rukh Khan' which beautifully narrates that she would like to become the youngest teen to interview Shah Rukh and his family. Her name is Zuha'a Khan (Follow on Twitter: @Zuha25) and she's from Ontario, Cananda. I somehow loved this idea myself and in fact blogged about it earlier at maktion (above). Ever since I have been trying to help her in whatever way I could, mostly through Twitter connections. I first got through the Faridoon S., the Bollywood Hungama Content Head  who read the letter and said he will try his best. Afterwards, we even convinced @FarahKhanAli on Twitter to read the letter and possibly pass it on to Shah Rukh. She did say she has informed him but we are still awaiting a reply. Tonight, I knew that I will be the closest as I could possibly ever be to Shah Rukh (if I see him) and impulsively decided to quickly print Zuha'as letter, put it in an envelope and take it along with me to hand deliver at Mannat.

Zuha'a - Canadian fan's letter in the envelope

I reached Mannat cutting through the traffic and as I walked I saw a Japanese lady. I immediately asked "Are you Rieko? Are you @My_Name_isRieko?, to which she nodded "yes, yes!" with a smile. I introduced myself, told her "I am Arif, the one whom you saw on Twitter." Rieko didn't know English well so I had to use some hand gestures with slow English to make her comfortably understand what am I saying. It was fun! Now I am a normal Indian fan so although a little crazy but for me this was the only way to reach Shah Rukh all by myself. I and Rieko stood there for pretty long and every time someone came, there was a huge "Shah Rukh, Shah Rukh, Shah Rukh" noise, it was like a carnival with so many people waiting to see their hero. We waited for almost 2 hours and chatted on different things.


Once again the noise went up and this time a Security guy came out form inside, I recognized him as I've seen him on TV many times next to Shah Rukh. I knew it, if I have to give Zuha'as letter, it has to be to this guy and that too now! Now, it was not that I was the only one who wanted to give something. SRK's fans had brought a lot of gifts, big bouquets, showpieces and what not! The Security team was very strict and were simply refusing to take any gift for Shah Rukh. "No" was the clear answer. Despite all this, I had some self-belief and told myself "Go for it Arif, now!" I walked up among the crowd and called the main Security guy. He turned back and asked "Yeah?" I told him "I am Arif and I have got this letter from a 16 year old little girl's letter for Shah Rukh from Canada. I would be grateful if you can take this and give it to him". He did not show any interest and said a "We are not taking any gifts." And then two more guys came from behind (looked quiet scary like in My Name Is Khan scene when the cop gave a punch to SRK) saying "Please go back now, make way."


I once again said "Excuse me, please listen to me. This is not for me!! I am from Mumbai and I haven't got anything along with me to gift to Shah Rukh as I am aware of this. This letter comes to you form a little 16 year old school girl who lives in Ontario, Canada miles away from here. She wants to take a small interview of Shah Rukh and personally wrote this when she was 11 years old. I know you are not taking gifts but this is something special. It's been all over Twitter, many are trying to deliver it to Shah Rukh. I have promised her I will hand-deliver this letter to Mannat's Security. In fact, see my phone, we are live tweeting and she's expecting a reply if I could deliver it or not? Please take this, for the little girl. If you do, she'll be extremely happy and thankful." The Security guy then took the envelope from me, looked at the cover. He asked me "What's inside it?" I replied "A one page letter, that's all!" He looked again at the letter and said "Okay, I'll give it inside." I quickly added "Can I please click your photo with the letter so that she gets to know?" He replied "No, no. No photos. I will give." He walked towards the gate and handed the letter to the security and asked him to deliver it inside. He later walked inside too. By this time, people around me were looking at me and obviously understood a bit. Once he went it, they kind of clapped and smiled! It was funny as if I've achieved something big. I immediately tweeted to Zuha'a to which I got a reply from her friend Hannah that Zuha'a just sat in shock in class on reading about this and is shivering in excitement! Anyone would have, the moment was magical and I was glad I could do it for her. I told her "Now it's only your luck which separates you from taking Shah Rukh's interview. If he does read it, then you're 99% through!"

Fans waiting for Shah Rukh to give an appearance at Mannat
I went back to Rieko and she too was excited. I later told her that I'll get something to eat as it had been quiet some time since we both had been waiting. I went to Cafe Coffee Day nearby and picke up burgers and mocktail and came back. We sat there and started eating and while we were, suddenly everyone started shouting "Shah Rukh, Shah Rukh, Shah Rukh...." and this time the noise was huge. The lights were turned on and then suddenly the King turned up himself!!!!! It was The Shah Rukh Khan himself!!!! WOWWWW!!! I told Rieko drop the bag there and come with me, run fast! haha. It was so much fun. We got pretty close to him, just 3 metres away. There were so many people and cameras flashed like anything. Man, it was The Shah Rukh Khan standing in front of us - live, in person!! WOWW!! Trust me, when you just see him, you feel layers of energy flowing in you, that's his magic, his aura, his charm. So powerful! And he did not disappoint anyone as he stood there waving to every section of the crowd with big smiles, aadab gestures (salute) and hand waves! He was fab, the moment was memorable. I tried turning on my phone which had conked off 30 minutes back in the hope that it just may turn on. And to my surprise it did! I could not believe this! It turned on as is G.One transferred some energy into it's cell. Everything was just going magical!!

I held the CCD bag and to differentiate I waved it up shouting Shah Rukh!! And boy, he did turn to me and we had an eye contact for 3 whole seconds during which he passed a smile & waved to me with his right hand. I knew it was one-on-one and that wave was for me, there's no doubt in that! It was magical. This moment, I'll never forget in my lifetime.(below left pic)


Shah Rukh turned to all sides and then picked up the mike to say only one line "Raat bahut ho chuki hai, aap logon ko pyaar, please ghar chale jaiye ab." (It's very late night, love to all of your, please go home now). I quickly asked Rieko to turn back and I clicked her pic with Shah Rukh at the background. It was so much fun! And then Shah Rukh waved once again and went inside. Everyone whistled, clapped, cheered. One should see how happy they all were, I just can't describe in words here. Even I was, truly delighted! I and Rieko walked to Mannat's gate and got a few pics clicked after which we said Good bye to each other.

Arif and Rieko outside Mannat on SRK's Birthday!
So this was the real life account of celebrating Shah Rukh's birthday on November 2, 2011 at his home Mannat. I will always remember this night as it brings immediate energy in me from somewhere and makes me smile.

This post was in my 'draft' and I've especially appended it here as I had promised Zuha'a to share the experience on maktion. I really really hope she gets a chance to interview Shah Rukh Khan.

My best wishes to 'little'.


  1. THANK-YOU Arif bro :) I really appreciate ll the help that I am getting from you and the people around me! I just hope this request reaches Shah Rukh Khan!

    - Zuha'a Khan

  2. I hope your letter reaches SRK soon as we all are waiting for your big interview. Wish you good luck! :)

  3. Zuha'a I totally believe in you!!!! I think this can totally happen!!!! You are an amazing, charismatic girl and work super hard to achieve your goals!! Good luck my friend!! :)

  4. next year m gonna be there!!!!

  5. @Zuha You're most welcome talented Zuha'a! Keep trying and hope for the best. :)

  6. @Avvan Next year? Or, this year in 2012? :D

  7. My mom says,for every wish v make,God does send an angel, to make that wish come true :)
    Im glad,@zuha has a really great wish,will pray tat it is fulfilled. Also,gud to see @arif helping people to make their wishes come true.

    Keep up the gud work, God bless :)
    not everyone,is kind to do that. there is a difference in talking and doing things :)

    Since,i was following the live tweets,so the whole incident,is still fresh in my mind.
    But,it was a nice read indeed :)

  8. @Shweta I'm humbled by your comment. Having gone through ups and downs early in life, I've felt there are less people around us who appreciate and assist talent. I decided to break free from all this and whenever I spot a young promising talent of any kind, I make an attempt to appreciate and assist as much as I can.
    Glad you enjoyed the post & I'm sure you'll understand now why I couldn't announce the contest@maktion results on Nov 2 itself.

  9. @arif :- Kind u r ,arif :) tats all I can say! Also,abt the results I completely understood then and today too!As they says,sabar ka phal meetha hota hai ;) Its all gud.

    God Bless!