April 24, 2011

Breaking away from writer's block

It's been 77 long days since I last blogged here and today I have once again motivated myself to make an effort to write something. I thought it would be a good idea to share why I wasn't able to write and what I did to come back. If you are a writer, blogger, etc then you may be able to connect more.

This lag is known as Writer's block which is a condition primarily associated with writing as a profession where an author loses the ability to produce new work. It could be short or long and the reasons may vary. On some sites, the description comes up as some kind of psychological disorder! Well, I looked back and can say that my Writer's block was because of some incidents and not any mental imbalance! Health wise, I was perfectly fine all this while (Haha). The important point here is realization of having a Writer's block. If only you realize, you will be able to overcome. How? Let's see below.

I listed down the reasons which led to a Writer's block in me as I wanted to know if I was genuinely not able to find time or was it sheer laziness. The reasons were:

  1. Feb: Untoward and untimely demise of my beloved Grandfather.
  2. Feb/ March: Professionally committed to a successful major product launch.
  3. March/ April: ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

The first reason was a big upset in our family and it took us some time to cope and move on. The second reason demanded >100% contribution from me in my Marketing duties towards a major new product launch as this was an opportunity to show my potential. Long nights, long discussions, long planning, everything was long as we had one goal - to make it a success. Till now, the first and second reason do make a case for not being able to write. The third reason of watching the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 may sound a little uncalled for but then if you have grown up in this country then you simply can't keep yourself away from cricket. And with Indian winning each of the knock-out stages, it would have been a crime to not be a part of the historic moment. So, I realized these reasons were good enough for me to justify why I wasn't able to write. Everyone has his/er own reason and may vary from person to person, you only need to make sure that the reasons were genuine and not sheer laziness. Throughout this post my approach was - Answer yourself first!

After knowing the reasons and accepting that I had been away for long, I wanted to make an effort to come back to blog. It took nearly 5-6 days for me to push myself. So how did I overcome? Simple. I knew if I had to overcome my Writer's block then I had to first of all motivate myself to do something that I like in order to break away from this lag. I just did that. I thought new ideas will once again come if I perhaps change the look and feel of this blog. I wanted to give it a refreshing energetic feeling and redesigned the maktion logo into a blue hep logo. This made me feel much better and was the one trigger point for me to jump back!

So, the bottom line is - do something that you find exciting and connect with the problem itself so that you can break free once and for all. I do hope this rerun continues and I'm able to provide you good content. I thank you for reading maktion and being a reason good enough for me to keep coming back. :)

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  1. Hi Arif!
    I am Madhumati. I'm a student of KV-1 Gnagar. I listened to your speech. It was very inspiring.
    BTW i can really relate to this post of yours. I write poetry and i am having a major writer's block.
    In your case it was because you were busy. In my case it is because i need to grow. I am at that stage when i am comfortable writing in prose, but i need to master form. I have been trying to overcome my handicap but it's not easy. Meanwhile i'm trying to acquire more knowledge about the art of poetry.
    Maybe, as you said, i'm not motivated enough. That was a partial solution to my problem.
    Today you encouraged three people to share their dreams. i was going to share mine but you were satisfied with one response only. :(
    But your speech was really motivating, and as a student i could relate to you.