August 23, 2011

Saying goodbye on your last day

August 23, 2011 - A date which I will never forget as this is my last date of working in my current organization. It's been more than 3 glorious years and the experience has been very rich. I did a lot, a lot had to be done. However at one point of time, one does talk to himself and takes a decision to advance his career. I too did.

I have enjoyed every bit of work in my current organization, hence I thought of making my last and final moment a little memorable.

Saying goodbye on your last day is not easy and I had two options - make some noise, take out my colleagues for lunch or make something simple and different with a personal note and give to my colleagues. After thinking for a while, the second option made more sense to me. Then what? The mind started ticking and I decided to make a postcard of a different kind. I used simple professional and contrasting colours with a white body space to write the message. The concept was a 'goodbye smile' which I represented by the common smiley :) that we all often use in texting, commenting or tweeting. I think no one has tried it before, so it made even more sense to me to just go ahead with the idea. It looked different and came out pretty neat in print. I got 100 such postcards printed for my colleagues! Have a look at the final card below:

Goodbye Postcard
Do share how did you find this postcard? If you want some new postcard ideas, I'll be glad to share some. Till then, let me start giving the postcards and judge if this was something different and if it will be remembered. But, there was one bad part too - my thumb got sore after writing different messages for >80 colleagues. So you may consider typing your message if the quantity is huge. Till then, be creative, have fun. Thank You!


  1. WOW! Arif. Great post, beautiful idea and lovely postcard with nice design. Your talent is maturing and you will be a very successful man! Glad to know you twiend! XXOO and best of luck from Seattle in your new the way - the tree is AMAZING!!!!

  2. Thank you very much Paula! The whole idea was to give something special and personal and I thought why not do something which I'm good at - creativity. I thought that a simple smiley :) always makes one happy when used in chat, tweet, etc and hence thought of putting it in an offline avatar. And the card is a result of that. With personal messages handwritten on each card, it became priceless!

    Do keep coming back and water 'The Tree of Creativity' I hope to grow it as much as I can. :)

  3. lovely! :) i often make (for very personal ones) or get (from teh mart) book marks and scribble notes behind them...