October 23, 2011

'One thing I like about Shah Rukh Khan' contest@maktion

Yes, you read it right. It is 'the' opening line of this post, nothing before, nothing after, no hyperlinks, no link backs, just Shah Rukh Khan. This post comes at a time when the entire nation (and world) is preparing to meet their new superhero - G.One take on baddie RA.One! But before putting on the G.One suit, our SRK has donned many roles, some mind blowing, some that forced tears out of your eyes, some that inspired many to stretch to win and some that just made you laugh. Only SRK could do that in one lifetime.
Hang on, I know some of you reading this post may absolutely dislike SRK, which is fine. I will not contest your views as you have a reason to stick on to it. Be assured, this post is neither sponsored nor being put up to convert your opinion about SRK! Actually, this post was not even there in the pipeline, it just came up as a random thought last week after which I jumped in to 'make it happen'. I converse with many diverse individuals on Twitter and some of you asked me to write on SRK. Well, this post is a prequel to my next post on Shah Rukh Khan. It is my way to celebrate Shah Rukh Khan, the phenomenon. It's like taking the SRK fan-ship to the next level where fans can connect with other fans and at the same time offer something to bring smiles and share happiness. It's just one fan's random crazy idea!

Those of you who have been reading maktion regularly may have noticed the change in narration style. It was done deliberately and I have adopted a #StoryTelling based  approach after reading it's relevance from Snigdha Manchanda's tweets (Follow on Twitter: @actionink). It actually works and going ahead I believe you will see more stories whether it's in ads, campaigns or even a static billboard that you see while on your way to school/college/work. People want stories, not facts for facts are boring and were left long back in school. Without adding any further, I'll jump to the contest details, hope you will participate and win one of the three cool prizes.

'One thing I like about Shah Rukh Khan'

Welcome Guest.One!

How has your day been? I hope it has been good and now get set as you are now about to enter the SRKraft! Fasten your G-belts and make sure you think well and attempt all levels of this unique contest@maktion. Make it special for you, for others, for SRK! All set? Let's go!....

G.One is coming on Oct 26. Fasten your G-Belts!

Before you start: Attempt all levels and make your entry as a single entry in the comment box below. If you have a Google account, you will need to sign in to comment. If you don't have a Google account, then use the Name/URL option. Enter your name and email address in the blank fields and comment. In any case, don't use Anonymous as then the judges will not be able to contact you if you win.

Level 1: What is your name? (complete name)

Level 2: That's a nice name! How old are you? (age)

Level 3: At that age, many are creative! So, where are you from? (city & country)

Level 4: So, you're definitely not from Mars! Hmm. By the way, what do you do? Do you study or work? (study or work, provide details if you wish)

Level 5: Do you tweet? If yes, what is your handle? (twitter handle)

Level 6: Well, you sound great. What is your email to connect? (write your email in this format: akash at gmail dot com. If you don't wish to publicly disclose your email, then write all the above details and click here to directly send via contact form)

Congratulations! We are done with the easy part and now we have one more easy part! Yep, there's nothing difficult at your maktion. :)

Level 7: Do you have a nickname for Shah Rukh Khan? If yes, what is it?

Level 8: How old were you when you first saw SRK?

Level 9: Where did you first see SRK? Please share in brief. (max. 20 words)

Level 10: Is SRK your favorite actor? (Yes/No, if no then who's your favorite actor?)

Level 11: Which is your all time favorite SRK movie? And why? (only one name, max. 20 words)

Level 12: What about your all time favorite SRK song. Which one is that? (first two lines, only one song)

Level 13: Have you listened to #RAOne's songs? Which one is your favorite? (first two lines, only one song)

Level 14: What is that one thing of SRK that you possess and keep in your drawer/ cupboard/ bix? That one article which you proudly take out to show to your friends? (one article only - poster, toy, photo, watch, CD, etc)

Level 15: Would you like to add one more SRK-momento to your collection? How about any of the one's shown below?

  1. An awesome G.One Action Toy (worth Rs.1050)! :D
  2. Or perhaps G.One's H.A.R.T. Badge (worth Rs.560) ;)
  3. Or, maybe you and I can go out together to watch G.One once again? :)
What do you think? Sound exciting? (Yes/No, if yes then express your excitement in max. 20 words)

Level 16: Have you bought your tickets for #RAOne(Yes/No) Who all are you taking along with you to see G.One take on the baddie RA.One? (Family/Friends/Colleagues, describe in max. 20 words)

Oops, we discussed a lot, you even got to know the prizes - but what about the contest@maktion question on which you will be judged? Let's finish that quickly!

Coach, ChakDe India
Level 17 (Judging-Q): You like a lot of things about SRK, you love him, you are crazy about him, you also dislike him. But, what is that 'one thing' that you like about Shah Rukh Khan? That one thing about SRK which has inspired you. That one thing which has made you a better human being? What is that 'one thing' that you can share with maktion? (Describe in max. 200 words. You can go on but for judging, only the first 200 characters as highlighted by Microsoft Word - Word count will be considered)

Makes you think, right? ;) Take your time. Write in a word document first, and then submit in the comment box below.

Level 18: Did you enjoy contest@maktion? Was it different? (Yes/No, any comments, max. 20 words)

Level 19: This contest@maktion has not asked you to ask your friend to 'like' maktion on Facebook. But, will you recommend www.facebook.com/maktion to your friends so that they too can experience.creativity? (Yes/No)

Level 20: You did extremely well till this far. Now one last question before we wrap - Will you come back on Nov 2, 2011 to read Arif's (Follow on Twitter: @arifkhan7) new post on Shah Rukh Khan? (Yes/No, any comments, max. 20 words)

Well, this was it! Hope you enjoyed flying the SRKraft and thank you for participating in contest@maktion!

By the way, don't you want to know who will judge your entries and how? Yes, right? There is a simple format and every participant will be judged based on his/her response to Level 17 - that 'one thing' you like about Shah Rukh Khan.

Evaluation Criteria: The top three responses will be judged on:
  • Uniqueness (how different is your story)
  • Storytelling (how you narrate it in 200 words. Be creative here)
  • Written from the heart (the best will come out on their own, just write from your heart like you would converse to a friend in a canteen. Don't mention facts, movie numbers, etc as Google already has that all. Just be original, be yourself, be the SRK fan you are)

About the judges: There will be one judge from Mumbai, who is ...'me, Arif' and another judge from Canada who has been kind enough to give her valuable time for judging the contest@maktion entries. She has distinct knowledge on Indian Cinema and is the unofficial online secretary of Karan Johar (approved by him!). An expert on anything KJo and SRK, she is the one and only Emaan Khan. (Follow on Twitter: @MaaNeyThank you Emaan! :)

Rules (well, not really!):

*Entries will be accepted from October 23 to 31, 2011, midnight IST.
*Winner Announcement on November 2, 2011, 21:00hrs IST.
*Judging will be absolutely fair and final. Winning is important but the bigger aim of contest@maktion is to celebrate Shah Rukh Khan.
*Winners will be informed by email and they will have to provide their complete address and contact details for courier requirements. If from Mumbai, you are welcome to meet me in person over a cup of coffee and collect in person.
*All prizes are original RA.One merchandise as mentioned on G.One Store. Courier charges (India/worldwide) will be borne by maktion so that you get your prize, at your home and can collect with a smile! :) 
*Movie tickets will be be selected depending on a common location, availability in Mumbai. This includes pop-corn and beverage! If the third prize winner is not from Mumbai, but from India then 2 movie tickets will be awarded as per the cinema hall coverage and availability on the online portal BookMyShow.

Wish you all good luck, make the most of contest@maktion. Do share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter with the hasgtags: #maktion#SRK and #RAOne.

 I'll be looking forward to read your entries. Come, let's celebrate Shah Rukh Khan. :)

Be creative, have fun!
Wishes as always,

PS.1 - Click here to have a look at an awesome video where SRK extends his hand out of the youtube window to absorb the H.A.R.T. power from the ad-box on right!
PS.2 - Karan Johar (Follow on Twitter @kjohar25) just tweeted a while back after watching RA.One. Can't wait for October 26, 2011 now!!!


UPDATED 08:00am, Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Shah Rukh!

Contestants - Like you I too am excited to announce the results of the first contest@maktion 'One thing I like about Shah Rukh Khan'! There was a good response and maktion got 5 entries. Four entries were very well written and it was tough to judge but then I had got the best person I could - Emaan Khan for the job (Follow on Twitter @MaaNey) and she did it wonderfully well. Thanks Emaan! :)

Here's a little note from Emaan on how she felt about the contest@maktion and what did she consider while judging the entries:

Here are my results, it was great to read the love people have for shahrukh. I enjoyed being a part of this contest.

Part 1: I looked for things which aren't commonly said about shahrukh. They had to be unique

Part 2: I was looking at the flow of writing. Story telling and how engaging it can be.

Part 3: I was looking for the writer to convince their emotions,not just word but make me feel what they are saying.
Everything is judged fairly and I don't know any of these people personally.

Like the contest itself, the results too will be announced in style! ;) And what's that? Well it's November 2 today - King Khan's birthday. The results will be announced LIVE from Mannat, Bandra, Mumbai at 8:00pm. I just hope I make it on time after office!  Plus, the best thing on maktion is - no one loses. No one.
More details about the prizes, etc will be put up here late night today. Keep a watch. Good luck to the participants.

UPDATED 08:20pm, Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I am standing outside Mannat, waiting for Shah Rukh to turn up and my phone battery is very low. I have to push the results for tomorrow. I know you all waited. My apologies.

UPDATED 08:00am, Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Day for contest@maktion results has arrived! I was so excited to announce the result which Emaan had emailed me in advance. She added in the note that everything is judged fairly and she doesn't know any of these people in personally. Now, there was only one glitch - I could not get the G.One and H.A.R.T. prizes. I checked out at six big toy stores across Mumbai but none had the merchandise. I decided to go to Mumbai's best toy store - Hamley's to buy something equivalent to declared prizes.

Along the way, I quickly noted the results, score on a piece of paper so that I can live tweet at the pre-decided time of 8:00pm. All the four contestants had come (on Twitter) and the results were announced based on the criteria mentioned above, out of a total of 30 points.
  • Uniqueness (10 points)
  • Storytelling (10 points)
  • Written from the heart (10 points)
The results were live tweeted and it was very exciting to try out that way! I'm sure everyone following this contest enjoyed that.

Results for the 'One thing I like about Shah Rukh Khan' contest@maktion:

First Winner - Aditi from Kolkata
Score: 29/30 (9 + 10 + 10)
Twitter: @TrulyAditi

Second Winner - Shweta from Mumbai 
Score: 25/30 (7 + 9 + 9)
Twitter: @VSShweta

Third Winner - Samantha from New Delhi
Score: 24/30 (7 + 10 + 10)
Twitter: @Springurl86

Runner-up - Karima from Mumbai
Score: 22/30 (9 + 6 + 7)

The following picture summary sums up everything! A runner-up prize was also given as this was the first contest@maktion.

Hamleys Tory Store at Phoenix Mills, Mumbai:


Aditi (First) won a LED 3D Puzzle of the Leaning Tower of Pisa:


Shweta (Second) won a 3D Puzzle of the Leaning Tower of Pisa:


Samantha (Third) won a Pink big-eyed bear and movie tickets:

Karima (Runner-up) won a Purple big-eyed bear:

All the contest@maktion prizes together:

All the prizes were dispatched to the respective winners on the same night. And with this, the first contest@maktion closed. I truly enjoyed every bit of it and hope to come back with more such contests in future. Once again congratulations to all winners! As far as my prize is concerned - I think it's the contestants time and entries which is priceless. If I ever get to have coffee with Shah Rukh Khan, I'll definitely show this post to him! ;)

Staying creative,


  1. Level 1: Karima Sanela Maqsood Ahmed Khan

    Level 2: Thank you! I’m 19, going to be 20 on November 7

    Level 3: I’m from meri jaan Mumbai in ye mera India

    Level 4: I should be studying. I have my TYBMM- Sem V boards from November 3

    Level 5: @wotcherdutchess , yes my duchess has a T. deal with it.

    Level 6: This information will be DMed to you 

    Congratulations! We are done with the easy part and now we have one more easy part! Yep, there's nothing difficult at your maktion. :)

    Level 7: Hichkoley. You should know why :P

    Level 8: I think I first took notice of him when I went to see DDLJ and I remember sleeping because I didn’t know what was happening. Why she wanted to go to Zurich and where the hell is London anyway? The biggest question was why her daddy was doing so much drama. That is also the first time I remember thanking God because I never had to fake praying to get what I wanted :P my daddy was cool!
    Long story short, I was 4

    Level 9: I saw SRK for the first time in DDLJ when Anupam Kher is taking him through his fore fathers’ portraits and I was drooling too! Okay, the drooling maybe because I wanted to eat.
    Listen, I was 4.

    Level 10: Among my favorite. He used to be one and only but then he went ahead and did that movie in which there’s Fardeen Khan and Sushmita Sen’s name is Shimmer 

    Level 11: Chak De! India. His longest dialogue is ‘Sattar minute’ otherwise all through the movie his expressions talk!

    Level 12: Deewaanaaaa.. Dil Deewanaaaa… Kab se karey hai tera intezaar! Kab ayegi meri jaaney bahar? Main jitna bhi behlaaun... Phir utna hi machalta hai dil!!

    Level 13: O meherma, mere meherma (Dildaara)

    Level 14: Mini version of that Swiss Bell in DDLJ

    Level 15: Arc Reactor look-a-like :P
    Yes, exciting! I’ve very recently grown fond of movie collectibles.

    Level 16: No I have my boards. I’ll probably watch it with @sanearab @meethi_chhuri and @chotimirza

    Coach, ChakDe India

    Level 17 (Judging-Q): I love SRK for his conviction. In every movie he’s a new character but it’s the same man who’s portraying it- only one SRK but still different people. Hes someone’s Rahul, someone’s Raju and someone’s Aman.

    For me, he’s just Shahrukh Khan, the man who finishes what he starts and surpasses his limits every time. He’s so many things but what he really does is only ‘Acting’. He doesn’t try to direct, not even sing (he was forced for Ay Kya Bolti Tu!) he just does his work, does it WELL and goes home to his family and to teach his kids Maths 

    He’s who does his craft and does it with conviction.

    Level 18: I did! Had a very good answering everything! I didn’t realize SRK was such a huge part of my life!

    Level 19: I would only to my best friends, though. I don’t like to share my favorite things with a lot of people.

    Level 20: I would read it on November 10, definitely. I have my first exam on November 3, so I don’t know if I will even remember to eat.

  2. Level 1: Samantha Singhi.

    Level 2: Thank you.  I am 25.

    Level 3: Creativity is inborn, Age just polishes it. I am from Sikkim, currently in New Delhi.

    Level 4: I am a Psychologist and work as a HR Professional, in Delhi.

    Level 5: O Yes..i enjoy Tweeting..  My handle is Springurl86.

    Level 6: Will be shared on Twitter (DM).

    Level 7: “Raaaaahullll” in that tone..

    Level 8: Hahhahaa.. that I don’t remember, But I watched his Movie “Guddu”, cz My nickname at home is “Guddu”

    Level 9: On TV… it was the song..” Anna mere Pyaar ko tum na, jhoota samjo jaana..”

    Level 10: Well.. He has competition now with Farhan Akhtar and Ranbir Kapoor.

    Level 11: “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” It made me believe in Love, in 8th std.

    Level 12: Tum Paas aaye, yu muskuraye. Tum ne na jaaane kya, sapne Dikhaye.
    Kuch Kuch Hota hai.

    Level 13: O yes… I Love Dildara.. Dildara… 

    Level 14: I have 3 different cassettes and 3 CDs of Kuch Kuch Hota hai, which had all different covers but same songs.. ;)

    Level 15: Oh, can I have all 3??? If No, The H.A.R.T Badge would be nice…
    All sound exciting to Me.. A gift is a Gift.. 

    Level 16: No, I havnt bought it yet!!! Will take a Friend who is a SRK Fan along.

    Oops, we discussed a lot, you even got to know the prizes - but what about the contest@maktion question on which you will be judged? Let's finish that quickly!

    Level 17
    That One Thing about SRK is His Optimistic Attitude towards life.
    His is a self made man and has struggled from being a No one in Bollywood to Baadshah of Bollywood. He has seen rock bottom failures and sky high success. He has played the good guy and the bad guy. He has romanced the young and the not getting any younger actresses. He has lost important people, He has gained few. He has been admired, he has been gossiped about. And he has taken it all with that Optimistic attitude and nothing deterred him from where he stands today.
    This is one thing, I have learnt from him. No matter what life gives you, remember it is for a reason and keep that Smile intact.
    I want Maktion to draw inspiration from The Superstar, keep that optimistic attitude and always believe that one day, you will shine.

    Level 18: Contest@maktion was very interesting. It made me go back in time.

    Level 19: Definitely, will recommend it to my Friends. This site has helped me in my work, presentations too.

    Level 20: Yes, I will. I Follow Arifkhan7 on Twitter to keep myself updated. And Nov 2nd being SRK’s Birthday, looking forward to reading more about him.

  3. Level 1 - Aditi Sarawagi

    Level 2 – 20 years

    Level 3 – Kolkata, India

    Level 4 – Student

    Level 5 – Yup I tweet! My handle is @TrulyAditi

    Level 6 – aditi dot truly yours at gmail dot com

    Level 7 – I don’t have a nick name for him but I usually refer to him as SRK as does everyone else!

    Level 8 – I think around 5 maybe!

    Level 9 – Not sure but maybe on Fauji reruns on DD.

    Level 10 – Yes, he is my favourite actor since Duplicate!

    Level 11 – Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge because the story is old yet fresh.And my heart still beats fast for Raj. <3.

    Level 12 – Ae waqt ruk ja, tham ja theher ja waapas zara daud peeche.
    Ho gaya hai tujhko toh pyaar sajna.
    From DDLJ.

    Level 13 – I’ve heard Ra.One songs and my favourite song is Dildaara!

    Level 14 – Its a miniature cowbell from Switzerland which someone got some time around when DDLJ released. It fits in my palm and is really old but I do show off my SRK memento from my favourite film! And as recent as 2 weeks back I got a larger version as well!

    Level 15 – I would Love to add one more memento,that too for a film so close to his heart! It would have to be the G.One Action Toy!

    Level 16 – I’m going for Ra.One tomorrow with friends!

    Level 17 – One thing about The Shah Rukh Khan is Faith. His belief in giving his best to everything. His choice of working harder each time a little more than before for us. He says he has so much work that he is always 2 days behind from where he’d like to be that too when he’s eons ahead of everyone! His belief that there’s always room for improvement. I have learnt from him to dream Big. The fact that he has proved all he says, once again with Ra.One, fulfilling his dream of making a superhero film. He has made it large, is an inspiration. He says he is only human but long before he became G.One, he has always been my superhero-Raj who wins over Simran fighting all odds; Om and Arjun who come back to life; Rahul (naam toh suna hoga)who can play the piano in thin air. I love Shah Rukh Khan. When he is on screen, I can’t see anyone else. I stop in my tracks when I hear his voice. When he spreads his arm in slow motion my heart stops beating. There is no one like him and no one can ever be.

    Level 18 – Yes!!I loved the contest! Irrespective of whether I win or not(though I’d love too!I’m all for freebies!), it was fun taking part!I love all things SRK!!

    Level 19 – I’m already following Maktion on twitter and I’ll definitely like to share it with friends!

    Level 20 – Yes, ofcourse I’ll come back on 2nd to read the new post!It’s his birthday!!

    Thank You Maktion!

  4. Level 1: Shweta Satyanarayana

    Level 2: Gracias! I’m toddler between two and four, 24

    Level 3: from city of dreams, Bombay for me, Mumbai officially, India

    Level 4: I’m told, that I’m from Venus ;), me working

    Level 5: @vsshweta

    Level 6: contact form 

    Level 7: shhooona  (he is my first crush)

    Level 8: 11 yrs.

    Level 9: KKHH, he made me realized I’m grown up & I wanted a love story too, love was in air then!

    Level 10: yup, he is first among my favorite list of actors, ranging from Naseeruddin shah, Amitabh Bachchan ,Amir Khan, Irfan khan.

    Level 11: DDLJ, coz, he says enjoy life, flirt, be jolly, wait/look for ur love, respect parents&fight for love!Choose sahi muskil rasta!

    Level 12: ah, there r so many,bt one which suits all my moods, is
    Aye ajnabi tub bhi kabhi aawaz de kahi se , Movie :- Dilse

    Level 13:
    Kyun, na bole mose mohan
    Kyun, hai roothe roothe mohan yun
    Song :- bhare naina

    Level 14: I have one pix of SRK, loved him in Pardes,wid that cap & guitar! Never did I miss any of his interviews on TV or any show. I was so head over heels, I had gifted my crush then a similar cap ;), and I realized not everyone can be shahrukh 

    Level 15: any of which would do! I’m a people person; meeting new ones will always top my list  so 3rd!

    Level 16: yup, I did watch wid bro and his friends! Learnt “burayi sang jo mel rachaya phir kabhi na chute uska saya”

    Level 17 (Judging-Q):
    Ah, thought of him gets a smile on my face! When I see or read #SRK I love him for the person he is, a gogetter, with a never say die attitude, humble and a family man!
    I was a kid, when I happened to come across an interview of his,where he confessed, he bought mannat for Gauri,coz she loved beaches, however he did not care, how many “zero” he had to add up, to fulfill his lady loves wish ,also, his mom wanted him to be famous. What I see in him, is a completed human being,who lived a life for loved ones. How he says, you don’t win silver, you just lose gold!

    His movies make me cry, smile & love! Being tender and intense! He catches my nerves, with his emotional romance. I adore the way, he plays with his words, the way he is strategic but humble, cheesy as well as decent! How he can prove people wrong (as a famous producer quoted his hair is like a bear, he doesn’t look like actor).the way he takes on failure (KKR), How he is the best example for “hate me, love me but you cannot ignore me!

    Level 18: yes, I did! Different, is the interaction & questions asked so smoothly, you end up saying yes, yes, to every answer! ;)

    Level 19: I’m already a face book fan would love to see the same interaction happening there too 

    Level 20: yo! I will come back, let’s celebrate the birthday 

    thanks a bunch,maktion :)

  5. Congratulations all the winners.
    MAK you executed the entire contest like a true showman with a clean heart. proud of you

  6. @Harsh Thanks bud! That's a great appreciation in one line. Hope to continue and bring more exciting things at maktion. :)

  7. @MAK ! Oh i so much wanted to participate in this one :)

  8. @Al, next time you should definitely participate!! :D

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