December 17, 2011

Puppet show with municipal school kids

Note: This post was in draft and is being published as per the actual date of event, i.e. December 17, 2011.

Last year I went for an art workshop at a municipal school and this year once again I got lucky when I saw Mahafreed (@mahafreed) tweeting about organizing a Puppet Show for school kids at a municipal school in the slum area of Dharavi, Mumbai. I replied back showing interest and came to know from her that this was being done for Teach for India fellow Srini's (@srini091) class at Dharavi Transit Camp Municipal Primary English School. A few more volunteers had also come and we spent some good time with the kids. Srini bhaiya as the kids called him out introduced us all and explained the purpose of the puppet play and the kids got very excited!

Srini narrated the kids a story and made it interactive by frequently asking them about the characters and the noises they make. It was great fun watching him take the class while we were sitting at one side. Later on he sent all the kids outside for their lunch break and we started preparing for the puppet show. Mahafreed had brought all the puppets, background wall-cloth and stands. We quickly rehearsed the script of "Malti and King of Fishes" and I played the role of Malti's husband - the koli guy (fisherman). Once the kids came back we started the play which lasted for about 20 minutes and trust me it was great fun seeing the sparkle in those eyes in front of us. They clapped hard once we finished and one boy named Sohail came to me with a hand made "thank you" card. I was so touched and he asked to have a photo with him to which I happily obliged. After the play we all had some tasty samosas. Here are some photos below.

Entering the Dharavi Transit Camp Municipal School & the class notice board!

Students seated and listening to Srini Sir.

Srini bhaiya kept all the students engaged by demonstrating how birds fly 

Volunteers preparing the stage and the puppet show script

Meet the Puppet Show characters!

Few minutes left before the Puppet Show starts

Group photo: kids so excited after the Puppet Show!

Sohail, a student who gave me a hand made card & grabbed me for a pic!

Sohail and his friend just gripped me after the Pupper Show!

After the play got over, we summed up our thoughts through tweets. Somewhere these 3 hours were priceless and the satisfaction that comes in meeting and inspiring a few young souls is beyond words.

Updated: December 16, 2012

We really had a great time and this play will remain in our minds for years to come. Hope to take part in many more such activities in future.

Be creative,


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