January 15, 2012

Failed? Pick yourself up and start afresh

2011: India won the ICC Cricket World Cup against Sri Lanka and there was huge celebration across every corner of our country.
2012: Today, India lost their third test match against Australia in the ongoing Agneepath Test Match Series and eventually lost the series at 0-3. Now, only one test match remains but that will help little to restore the lost pride. The entire nation, every news channel, critics, etc are busy analyzing about the causes that led to this humiliating defeat. Whether it was the team's sight seeing or go-karting incident - they are being touted as the primary reason for the failure.
In this post, the intention is not to analyze what went wrong, in fact I want to share what one should do when you are failing consistently. When nothing is going your way at all. When you have completely run out of luck. At that moment, what should one do?

We all are aware and have been waiting for Sachin Tendulkar's 100th 100 for quiet some time now. It will be special as no one else has ever reached, or is likely to reach this milestone in the near future. But, the irony is that Sachin gets out every time he's on his way to a ton and the current string of losses just adds to the woes and portrays the 100th 100 as a curse for the team. The situation has come where most people now want Sachin to anyhow score a 100, even if that means playing a special match against Bangladesh or Zimbabwe and bring relief to the team.

Sachin Tendulkar caught out in the third test match at Perth I Pic Source: Dawn

During the third Test Match at Perth, I had this intuition that this time Sachin will score a 100 and yet again he got out in both the innings without scoring a ton. As a fan, I did get disappointed and no, it was not just for his 100th ton but for our team's loss. It felt humiliating. We all were let down and this is reality for now. Now for a minute, put yourself in one of the players' shoes or just relate this entire incident to something that happened in your life where everything was going wrong and you were failing consistently. Nothing went your way and you ran out of complete luck. Did it happen with you? In your educational duration or professional career? Almost all of us have had such an incident at some point in our life. It can be depressing and take you in the dark. I have also gone through such rough times during my academic years and my profession in Marketing where everything was going beyond control and I had no answers. Despite the criticism around, which in a way was better than the ones who chose to remain quiet so that our relationship doesn't get affected, I didn't give up on myself. I knew for sure that if there's anyone who can help, it's me. This was one of the biggest lessons I learnt early in my life.

If you are not doing well for quiet some time, your friends, colleagues and parents will come, hear you out and give good advice but ultimately you will have to put that extra effort to come out of it. The sooner you realize this fact, the more likely you are not to repeat the same mistakes. I had some friends who couldn't cope and ultimately had to compromise on a good career. You, should certainly not allow that to happen to you. So what should you do when your stars are not with you? I have some simple tips:

  1. Don't fumble - one of the first thing that happens to us when things go terribly wrong is that we panic and fumble. You should not fumble as otherwise you go more into darkness and lose precious time which otherwise you could have used to avert the crisis while still going through it.
  2. Stop. Look inside - when one after the a string of bad incidents take place we take decisions in a hurry and end up screwing up the matter even worse. You should stop then and there and look inside, introspect what is happening around, what has gone wrong and how can you make up in the least time. If you are honest to yourself and do these two steps, there are high chances you will come out of the crisis mid-way and can cope up with likely obstacles.
  3. Pick yourself up - You still went on to take a hasty decision and ended up screwing everything? Once again you failed miserably? That's bad but you should quickly get over it without wasting any more time. One does feel lost and finds everything falling apart around himself. Suddenly, it appears that everyone is conspiring against you and are very negative. Relax, such incidents activate such responses and that's completely natural to happen. You just need to be strong from within and pick yourself up. You need to be mentally strong and accept the failure yet at the same time promise to yourself that you will give your best and come out of it, come what may. 
  4. Start afresh - Once you have made your mind to come back strong, don't go back and spend too much time thinking why it went wrong, who is to blame, etc. It's good to know but not at the expense of time as otherwise your future activities will get affected. It's always good to start afresh with some hope and positive spirit. If you show the will to succeed then other surrounding factors too will align to make it possible.

If you ever feel down, try these four steps as I've always used them whenever I went through a crisis in my life. It has immensely helped me and I've personally shared these tips with some close friends who have benefited. If these don't work, feel free to write to me by clicking here and we'll try to find some solution.

And yes, keep the faith in our cricket team. Let's collectively wish that they come back strong and make us proud. Go India, go!

Till then,
Stay strong and positive.

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