January 26, 2012

We Are One - Happy Republic Day!

It's January 26, 2012 - our 63rd Republic Day and like always I feel great pride in seeing our Republic Day parade on TV. When I turn on our National channel - Doordarshan, the first question I asked was "Who is our Chief Guest this year?"  This year, I felt happy to see Thailand's first woman Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra as our Republic Day Chief Guest. I read about her last year how she came to power at the age of 44 and it was indeed impressive. There's always something to learn and take from young politicians who are committed towards their nation's growth and development. We all have become busy in our lives but I still believe that the Armed Forces parade, brave children waving their hands and cultural representation of various states is something that emotionally connects you with India, a priceless feeling.

Bandra flyover - red from the top
I planned a visit to my parent's home at Gandhinagar and was travelling by road last evening where I came across some wonderful glimpses of Mumbai. I always wanted to capture an iconic night light picture and last evening was the perfect setting when my bus crossed over the Bandra Flyover. It was all red from top, it was simply spectacular! For me, this picture captures the essence and heartbeat of Mumbai. Everyone runs in Mumbai for a better life but when it comes for a common cause, cultural fest, movies, cricket match, natural calamity, threat to our city - we team up, we stand together, we care for each other. When it really matters, we are one. That's Mumbai.

It's been more than 5 years since I came to Mumbai to study and then work and I can tell you on this Republic Day that I feel very good being a part of this cosmopolitan city of dreams. If you do things right, you can feel the city holding your hands and taking you towards your dream. Whether it was my friend, office colleague, society neighbors, University officials, house broker, bank representatives, office security, canteen boy, etc there was some level of intrinsic bonding for building a good relationship. It's necessary when you're living in a big city like Mumbai as it's only these people who come forward to help you when you need them the most. Despite the language, religious, cultural difference - we are one. And, to depict the same - I did some creative photography which was actually a serendipity as three cloth-clips were lying on my window pane. While I was travelling in the bus last night, I used my Marketing skills and put a complementing message to make some sense out of it. I came out with the tricolor clips depicting bonding, brotherhood, telling us that We Are One.

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This is my way of remembering and celebrating India's 63rd Republic Day. I have uploaded the photo on maktion's Facebook page, in case you like it then:

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Lastly, I felt quiet happy seeing our Prime Minister's official twitter account (Follow him @PMOIndia) posting the following Republic Day message:

Dr. Manmohan Singh's Republic Day greeting on twitter

Dr. Manmohan Singh is a quiet person but I admire him for his intellectual skills and statesmanship. I would like to see the PMO tweeting consistently in future to share first hand information and interact with us, the citizens of India.

Once again, Happy Republic Day.

Jai Hind!

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