January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012 - new, bright, more @maktion

Dear Friend,

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2012! :)

Despite all the predictions of the world coming to an end, let's just welcome 2012 as it brings along with it hope, positivity and newness in our lives. It's an occasion to refresh, resolute and recharge at an individual level. Like we had in schools, 'the waiting period' for the last exam to get over so that we could start something new, the arrival of the new year too is such an occasion wherein we ought to leave our tough moments and move ahead, give more for better.

Last year, I had the opportunity to converse with many of you and the most common questions asked to me were - 'Who is creative?', 'Can anyone be creative?', 'How do you become creative?'. My own experience and intuition says that 'Everyone is creative. Yes, everyone! I have no second opinion on that and my aim this year on maktion will be to spread creativity as much as possible. I will make an attempt to come up with simple suggestions/activities, etc so that most of you can realize and connect with creativity. Remember, creativity is not something which only painters and fashion designers have. Anyone can be creative as it's only a matter of his/her realization.

With the first firecracker of 2012 comes a refreshed maktion which is - new, bright, more! It took me some time to think and finalize this theme as I asked myself a question - what's the aim of maktion? I went back to the year 2008 when I first thought of the idea of having a website, blog, etc - basically a meium of creative exchange. Somewhere in all this, the idea of maktion took birth from my hostel room. My entire MBA class was preparing for their last and final semester exams and here I was giving 8-10 hours every night to build maktion so that I can have it up on the web before I leave B-school. And, being a Biologist (by academics), it wasn't easy to have all the HTML codes, tech, domain, DNS server, etc in place for the final experience. That was one of my life's best individual learning experiences where I just had three things with me - my creativity, my passion and my laptop. With these three, I went ahead and rolled out maktion to make everyone experience creativity. So, did I achieve something out of  all this? i think I did. Today, I can say a proud 'Yes!' Many visitors come back with their feedback, suggestions and questions and that's where I try to help them in every possible way. Now, some even recognize me for maktion and that feeling is simply great! It's been an exciting journey and now it's time to take maktion to the next level.

Your maktion is now - new, bright, more!

So, what is new, bright, more? Well, maktion is a cube of creativity and if the three identified elements - new, bright, more fall in place then I believe your time spent at this blog will be fruitful and you will get to experience creativity!

  • new - covering new trends and topics connecting with creativity
  • bright - visuals, designs, logos, etc which excite the human mind will be featured
  • more - more posts, activities, cross-learning, education, experience sharing
You have been reading some or the other post on maktion and I hope this association strengthens further from here onwards as I'm really charged up to contribute and give more for the cause of spreading creativity. This year, I look forward to your feedback and tips on new topics to cover. Through all this even I learn, feel good and experience creativity.

Wish you grand success in your chosen line.

Be creative,


  1. This is the first blog I am subscribing to this new year because I believe in MAKTION ! keep up the good work. Looking forward to new, bright & more makation

  2. @Amar That's one of the best compliment one could ask for. Glad you like maktion and the work here and I really look forward to connect our creativity. :)