February 19, 2012

Writer's block? Scribble what comes to mind

Remember the first time you announced your blog to your friends and all them went 'Wow, you got a blog, we are so impressed. Keep up the good work!' Chances are most of us must have heard something like this when we blogged for the first time. After all, it's no easy thing to give time, frame your thoughts, give structure to a post, proof read, and publish. Blogging requires effort. A good consistent effort to write on the niche you want to establish yourself in. I started off 2012 announcing 'new big more @maktion' with a good 5 posts in January but then suddenly in February I could not write a single post. Was it intentional? Was it that hard? Or, was I genuinely occupied with work and didn't find time? In a nutshell, through this post I will attempt to explore why does 'writer's block' happen, when it happens? And what should one do to get over it.

First of all for those who aren't aware of writer's block - it's a state of mind where you lose the intrinsic capacity to come up with something new for writing on your blog, etc. This is not the first time it has happened to me, it happened last year too which I broke away from. The golden rule of blogging is - to be consistent and if you score low on that count, it's likely that your regular readers will drift away over a period of time. After all, it's a big blogosphere out there and you're not the only one who blogs. If you don't, someone else will and your readers will go away. No one is bound to your blog unless of course you're writing for big names like Mashable, TechCrunch or HubSpot (my new favorite). Over the last two weeks, I could not blog and that's why I decided to analyze in this post why I couldn't write? I will attempt to find 10 valid reasons and if they sound good - I pass, if they don't - I fail. Either ways, I would like to kill this writer's block and get back to blogging. So, let me in my own way - scribble whatever comes to mind below.

10 reasons why I could not blog in the last 15 days:
  1. During the starting of the month, I just returned back from a long vacation at home, hence took some days to quickly settle down.   Pass
  2. A new month, meant new reports at work. Something new came up this month and I had to invest time to finish it off before deadlines. It really required a lot of concentration.  Pass
  3. I've been working on something new as part of my job. I knew a little but to work with full strength I had to spend good time researching the matter. It ate away one of weekend. The good part? I figured it out and it worked well when I showed it to my team!  Pass
  4. February is the month for submitting your Investment documents for income tax and this had me running a little as like everyone I too wanted to save some bucks.  Pass
  5. I was looking forward to meet my old roomie after a gap of 6 months. But, due to our busy schedules, this couldn't happen. The plan remained unhatched.   Fail (didn't meet, so?)
  6. I was reading a lot of stuff on Digital Marketing, Social Media, etc.   Fail (so what?)
  7. I often assist youngsters on twitter to help them in their respective objectives. I gave inputs to Rakesh (Follow on twitter @RakeshTheKumar) on his first submission to Social Samosa, the upcoming Indians social media knowledge storehouse. Check out his post which received a fairly good response: 'How to spot a fake Social Media Marketer?'   Pass
  8. One youngster 18 year old Zuha'a (Follow on twitter @Zuha25) from Canada who wants to be the first teen to interview SRK came out with her own online radio show which had me occupied for some time. Listen to the Zuha Khan Radio Show: First Episode Pass
  9. I gave this blog a new look in January but received mixed feedback. Although I liked it, I felt the design was limiting my reader's from enjoying this blog wholeheartedly. The grey narrow style didn't go down well with the regular readers. To add to it, an expert Design colleague didn't give it a thumbs up hence my priority was to immediately go for another revamp. And, what came to mind? - Simplicity. I think nothing can beat it in this world of clutter. The result of that simplicity is what you see here. If you like it, then do comment below.  Pass
  10. I stumbled across a student's thesis on the web which is a 100 page document and attempts to connect design and innovation. I went on to read a bit and found it really good. Being a big believer in design, I felt this would be a good add-on to my Marketing knowledge base. After all, not many would do a research on this topic.  Pass
Final score ► Pass 8 : 2 Fail

Well, I feel I had some good reasons and if you are a regular reader then you can allow this period of staying away. But, after self-introspecting on the causes I will definitely bounce back starting with this blog post itself. There are a lot of ideas stacked up in the brain above on various topics and I will give time to post them one by one here on your maktion! :)

If you ever get stuck, try this method of scribbling. Every inactivity may not have an explanation but you yourself can answer why it didn't happen. The good thing about scribbling is - it doesn't have to follow any specific order. Just jot down whatever comes to your mind withing within the purview of the bigger goal. Once you're done, you will see how it starts making sense one by one. It helped me in the past during my college days, it helps me at my work, it helped me today once again to do what I love doing the most here - blogging!

Stay tuned for more.

So long,


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  1. I too have faced writer's block many a times but the explanation to ther reasons have mostly been 'fail'... hehe...

    One of the best ways I have found to avoid writer's block is by writing more. Even when I don't have a mood to write, I simply scribble something. Even if it's awful. Keeps me in touch with framing my thoughts into words.

    Also I recommend you (and your readers) to read Seth Godin's awesome blog post on 'Talker's Block' http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2011/09/talkers-block.html

    1. @Rakesh Very true. It takes some time to realize that one has Writer's block but once one becomes aware, techniques like writing something in bits, scribbling can help cope with it.

      And thank you for sharing Seth Godin's blog link, just read it and I can say what he has has prescribed, i.e. write like you talk, often is so very true. Like they say, practice makes a man perfect.

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  2. So you passed with a good score!! Genuine reasons to stay away, but scribbling is really a good idea! And yeah, i like this look better than the earlier grey one. Simplicity always wins. Keep writing.

    1. Yes Sweety, having logical reasons helped justify staying away to myself. And do try scribbling on a post-it note or something small, lots of new ideas come up and often prove helpful.

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