June 19, 2012

Microsoft stuns with their tablet, ♥ Surface!

Microsoft Surface | Source: Surface.com
June 19. Today, I completed six years in Mumbai ever since I first came to this city of opportunities as a young student. Mumbai holds a special place in my heart and I'm thankful for everyone who made my adventures at aamchi mumbai truly awesome!

Talking about awesome, today I saw Microsoft's launch of their new tablet named 'Surface' and within fraction of seconds after seeing it on youtube, I fell in love with it. The feeling is ♥ Surface! Very few would have expected something awesome from Microsoft, but they stunned everyone, even the Apple fanboys with their new tablet. As usual, all the tech blogs, websites, etc got into the race of reporting it first, the specs, the memory, and even the pricing.
For today, I'm leaving all that as my admiration for Surface comes from the brilliant design. It's the look and feel of a gadget that ultimately matters to me the most and Surface scores a perfect 10/10. I'm just not able to get over it! Watch the video for yourself to ♥ Surface!

In the past, I considered to buy a Mac, and later an iPad several times but simply couldn't as I am extremely comfortable and satisfied with Microsoft Office. I just didn't feel the real need to buy an Apple product despite my admiration for Steve Jobs. Agreed, the other manufacturers were not as attractive as Apple products but my heart was somehow always on Microsoft's side.

My liking for Microsoft dates back to 1993 when my Father first introduced me to 
Microsoft NT on which I played with its applications and from that day there was no looking back. I feel Microsoft is an integral part of me who aids my efficiency, my presentation, and my personality. I'm not someone who'll spontaneously like some gadget. I research about the product, ask friends for their opinion, read users comments and then make my my mind.
And today? Whoa, one look and I was completely bowled over, ♥ Surface! At times we should look beyond specs and numbers. Surface has a soul in it and I would like you to see it through the remaining 'visual-post' below. Happy Surfacing! :)

All the above images were sourced from www.surface.com

You can read more about Surface's awesomeness at microsoft.com/surface/en/us/about. Do leave a comment below to share your first impression about Microsoft Surface.



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