June 2, 2012

Refresh 1.0

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The last I blogged was on April 4, maktion blog's fourth birthday and I was very excited and had big plans to continue the momentum by writing on a lot of stuff revolving around creativity, on my experience in my new field - Digital Marketing and some stuff on Educational guidance. The very next day, we faced a personal loss which is beyond words and that incident took me back. I felt as if life paused. Sometimes, some events take place which make you sad but also give you strength and bring maturity. I guess, I matured in those odd days - I really did and I can feel the change in me in the last 2 months.

Family, friends, work, colleagues, twitter helped me cope and come back to routine life. However, I needed to blog in order to completely refresh. The urge suddenly went up after reading a fellow blogger's blog - Neha's Blog not once, but four times (different posts) in succession as I have subscribed to it s posts and the latest post would get delivered to my inbox every morning which in turn would serve as my reading-byte while going to office. It struck me, how could one blog continuously? It requires an active mind and that idea hit me. I asked - what am I doing? Why am I not writing anything? Now, the thing is I had a lot of ideas and even noted down interesting stuff on which I should write but work, travel, twitter - I was so engrossed in everything that I couldn't focus on what I loved the most - blogging. I decided, that this time I will blog. All of a sudden, I felt very energetic last night and first decided to give maktion blog a design revamp.

Once the mind was made, it was just a matter of execution. I like simplicity a lot. When I started blogging, I was like any other guy and my mind was thinking more about Google Ads on my blog rather than the content. This time - I put a full stop to ads. Yes, now you will see no more ads on maktion. I think I have learnt and realized that the real joy of blogging is when someone reads your blog, responds by leaving a comment, strikes a conversation and not how much did you earn in AdWords (not that I have earned much, it was peanuts). If my blog can provide value to someone, encourage a student, act as a resource for some professional - the objective is achieved.

So coming back to the sudden energy in me; I chose a simple theme, played around with the new blogger template and came up with minimum widget based blog. The creative element in this is the header where you see me sitting and telling what I blog on (I love wasting time on doing creative things). Once everything was set and saved, I decided to write. Now, I had 3 different things from my field - Digital Marketing on which I badly wanted to write but then I thought why not write about how I decided to write once again? I'm sure some of you also must have gone through (or will go through) such a phase where it becomes difficult to move your mind. In the age of twitter, where everything is conveyed in 140 characters, it's quiet a challenge to sit, think, decide on a flow and blog. Hence, this blog post is just to 'refresh'. You can call it jogging before the marathon, net-practice before the match or whatever - it's my way of refreshing for another season of good blogging. I spent time thinking on what maktion was (and is) all about and came up with a selection of keywords which you can see in the new header above.

Summary - I blog on:
  • Creativity, Digital Marketing, Social Media
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Analytics 
  • Brands, Ads, Logo, Design, Technology 
  • Education, Culture, Motivational, Personal
I personally want to thank you for continuing to read maktion and I will make sure this time I infuse rich-creativity based content on this blog in the coming days. If you liked this revamped design, then do leave a comment below.

With energy,


  1. Do you have any idea how good you have made me feel by writing this post? Blogging is not only about writing blogs; it's about reading them, learning, looking at life from a different perspective, sharing ideas, getting inspired, inspiring others and so much more. Like I wrote in the last post and I reiterate here - it's about you. What you think about a particular subject/mood today and after a year when the technology changes, circumstances change - how do you think about the same thing then. And then you compare. You realize how small things make your point of view change and how big things don't even affect it a bit. It's very interesting and amusing and surprising :)

    PS: You have repeated linkedin twice in the second last para.

    1. Thank you Neha. You are absolutely right and I think we bloggers know that these posts will be treasures once we look back.

      PS - Made the corrections too. Thanks.

  2. Maktion is back in action!

    Reminds me that I have to restart my blog as well. I am finding the time but just not motivated enough to come up with something.

    1. You should definitely blog Rakesh. The motivation should come from within, you just need to sit and 'start'.

  3. Superbly framed and delivered in a silk smooth style. Simple words, placed well makes more sense then using jargon's difficult to understand and keep the flow of understanding. Yes, there is always a complex thought behind a simple design or simple expression.

    Well done and keep the good content posted regularly.


    1. Thank you Sumit! Yes, the key has been to use a conversational language here and I'm glad you connected well with it.

  4. Hi Arif - long time since my last visit here =]

    Liked Maktion new look - really a continuous improvement.

    I also share the idea of a clean page - where you comment experience and spread knowledge or your point of view on a given subject.
    Also would like to say you are very accurate on what Maktion is and transmits - and it's for sure an extension of the owner.
    Hope you are fully back with the refresh and keep posting!

    Kind Regards,
    Gabriel Casals

    1. Gabriel!! So nice to see you after long. Thank you very much for your kind word and I'm very happy that you could connect with maktion, its vision.

      Keep coming back for more. :)