June 7, 2012

Storify: What is Creativity?

Image Source: Gigaom
I still remember the days when we used to go to our Dadi's (grandmother) home and sleep on the terrace. Every night after dinner Dadi would come next to us and tell us a story. Lion - the king of the jungle, the tortoise and the hare, the crow and the water pot are some of the stories that I've heard numerous time and every time my Dadi would narrate it with some unique element of surprise. Now, I've grown up and as I a Marketer, I still feel 'stories matter'. Whether people discuss, praise, rant, cry foul - almost everything has a central story. I always look out for unique stories which can take me to a different world. Remember the movie Avatar and Inception? How beautifully they took to you to another world which you would have never thought of. It was all because of someones story.

In my field, i.e. Digital Marketing things move very fast and we have to constantly looking out for new ideas and technology which can ultimately aid marketing effectiveness. I do this for my personal as well as professional knowledge grooming. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ are all mainstream social media platforms but if you take an extra step, there are a layer of wonderful tools which you can use to enhance your knowledge and productivity.

Today, on June 7 (I love number seven), I wrote and published my first Storify! Storify is a website that allows you to create and preserve stories in the form of timelines using social media such as Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc. It's great fun. All you have to do is think about a subject and start by writing a little intro. Then, you can use your twitter and ask about the subject to your followers and collate the responses at one place which will serve as a permanent document on the web. You can always come back and edit it as per your wish to make your story even more crisp.

I invite you to read my first Storify on What is Creativity? which is published below.

You can also see the story on Storify at storify.com/arifkhan7/creativity7. And, if you want to stay connected, then do subscribe to my Storify page at storify.com/arifkhan7. Happy Storifying! :)

PS - I thanks all the participants for taking part in the #creativity7 story.


  1. You are a creative person. I love the way you tell the story and let your readers participate in it. Keep up the good story writing! :D

    1. Thank you very much Nithira! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and I'd definitely like you to participate too. :)