July 8, 2012

Need fast info? Try twittter over google search

Ludo Game Set | Source: Motherland Nigeria
My three wonderful cousins M, B and Y have recently come from Abu Dhabi, UAE to Indian on vacation. We had a good time together at our home from where they moved on to North India. While we were at home, we bought and played Ludo board game. I was playing this board game after more than 10 years and it was awesome! Although, I wasn't lucky as I lost (hiding that I came fourth) both time but overall it was good family fun. It's games like these which brings everyone together on the table (or bed) and share moments of happiness. If you haven't played Ludo, then I would strongly recommend you to play this game once with four members. You'll thank me! :)

The craze for Ludo is so much among my cousins that while talking with me on phone, they asked whether it'll be fine to buy a wooden Ludo board game set from Manali or if they can get it in New Delhi? Frankly, I had no clue and replied let me see and get back. Next? I did a Google search:

Google.co.in Search results

I wasn't surprised with search results as I knew these trade sites (in red box) would come up and I won't get my answer. No doubt these websites have done a fab job in capturing SEO and showed up on Page 1 of Google search but I run away from such sites as they are so cluttered and always appear to be forcing their products on you. I certainly wasn't looking for this as I only wanted to know where in New Delhi can one go personally and buy a wooden Ludo board game? I don't think that was a difficult question but then the search algorithm, keyword optimization, etc do make search results still appear non-human. I decided not to use any other combination of keywords and immediately tweeted out:

I composed a clear question and tagged a few Delhi folks whom I know as that would fetch me precise responses (called targeting). And whoa, I got a stream of responses from known and unknown connections. In total, I got responses from 7 different people. See the complete conversation stream at the end of this post. This was way better than the plain Google search results as it allowed me to understand which area and even which store is one likely to find the wooden Ludo board game. Based on the responses, here are the shop names (nice and clear):
  • Dilli Haat (handicraft shop)
  • People Tree, Connaught Place
  • Sadar Bazar
  • Ramchander & Sons, next to Odeon Cinema/Croma, Connaught Place

As the options are many (from zero earlier), I'm sure my cousin M would be able to find the wooden Ludo board game. One friend
Sumit Chakraborty (Follow @scdelhi) even offered to get the Ludo set and courier it to me which I thought was very kind of him to say.

So, how did this all this happen? I feel I've also helped these guys at some point or the other and its human psychology to reciprocate good experiences. Not everyone will respond and help but if you nurture a good list of connections, help them when they need something, then you can really bank on them whenever you need something fast and precise. Now, you know why I say twitter is powerful? This post is one of the many experience I've had on twitter, and trust me there's much more to twitter if used really well.

You can also see the story on Storify at storify.com/arifkhan7/ludo-search. And, if you want to stay connected, then do subscribe to my Storify page at http://storify.com/arifkhan7I would love to hear from you about your personal experience of using twitter, do leave a comment below.


  1. Hi Guys,

    I am not sure which gives fast, quick and accurate results but what I am sure of is that in twitter the results / responses are directly proportional to the rapport one has in the Social Media.

    I appreciate few great qualities of Arif and definitely due to one of the reasons he is getting the responses.

    Firstly, his Humility. Second his response time (when he is responding to others). Third his Simplicity & Truthfulness in responses. Fourth the way he puts it and lastly the accuracy of his response. All that makes him one of those special person to whom everyone who is linked with him on Social Network would love to share the information as much known to him/her.

    I hope I am able to search a shop from where his cousins can get that much special LUDO SET.

    Definitely a game for family bonding.


    1. Sumit, I don't know what to say? I'm very humbled by your comment and glad that you find value in our conversations. And, I also appreciate your effort for finding the Ludo set, that's certainly beyond what I expected. :)


  2. Thanks a lot Arif & Special thanks to ur wonderful friends...Rooheena

  3. Hi Bhaiya! Amm...What are you gonna blog next? I was just wondering....

  4. Everyone does not have so many Twitter followers for this technique to be effective.

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