July 7, 2012

What time of the day are you most productive?

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Welcome back. Do you know - you are bright! Well, as you can see this post requires no introduction as the heading itself talks about what you'll get to read in this post. Yes, it's question time and let me ask you "What time of the day are you most productive?" Pause for a minute and think of an answer in your mind. At a personal level, I consciously keep looking for ways to improve my productivity and this question had been there in my mind for quiet some time. Suddenly last month, I happened to see a LinkedIn Poll ad on my feed which asked exactly the same thing (man, I must say this is so precise ad-targeting, now they now know what's running through our minds too!). 

I participated in the LinkedIn Poll in which a professional was measuring responses for efficiency and effectiveness in terms of what time of the day are we most productive? It received 2058 votes and over 100 comments from diverse professionals across various industries which I think are good numbers to arrive at some conclusion. Without elaborating more, let's have a look at the final results that came out on July 2, 2012.

The Poll 

The Results 

LinkedIn Poll - What time of the day are you most productive, July 2, 2012

  • Early morning (37%) followed by Mid morning (32%), i.e. the time before afternoon is the most productive as  expressed by professionals. True, even I feel that as I've often found myself working more efficiently during the first half. What about you? (leave a comment below)
  • Afternoon, most people get lethargic and tend to work a little slow. Basically, we get hungry and our energy levels take a dip!
  • And then, we see that 18% respondents feel they're most productive during Evening hours. Well, I'm certainly not in this category. I can work for day long but my productivity is at its peak during the early part of the day
  • From the gender point of view, it's clear that both male and females have shown similar patterns across the different periods.
  • From age group point of view, almost every age shows the same pattern, however you'll see in the Evening chart, that productivity is decreasing with age.

So, this was the LinkedIn Poll result. You can view the original poll post on LinkedIn by clicking here. You can go through some of the comments which are quiet interesting. In case you could not participate in the poll then do leave a comment below to tell when are you the most productive?

Stay efficient,


  1. Even I feel Morning hours are more productive...

    1. That's great Hardik! The best productivity comes during the early hours of the day when our minds are fresh and full of energy.

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