September 25, 2012

Power searching with google - classes

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How many of us would go back 10 years and re-learn the way we 'search' on google today? One, two, or maybe three of us? It might be my personal observation but I feel many folks either don't use Google properly or are sheer lazy when it comes to searching for 'exact' information. You type in once, search, see the results, and if it doesn't match you may try once again and then give up. Well, if one continues to search like this, then it's natural you won't ever know that there are smarter ways to search right from the moment the question pops in your mind. Really, I'm not kidding!

I often read on how to search, mixing keywords, trends, image search and topic search. It's a part of my professional life now and comes quiet naturally. Of course it takes some experience and time but once you understand all the available options, you end up with better options to do the same task effectively. Earlier this month, I saw one my favorite Googler Matt Cutts from the Webspam team tweet about the second Google power searching class:

I remember they had it last year too but somehow I couldn't find time to attend it. This year, I've enrolled for these classes to re-learn what I almost do daily, and I strongly recommend you to enroll too no matter how smart you are! It's always good to learn something formally from the experts as you never know you might have been missing something all these years before you hit the 'Search' button. The medium of learning is online - through slides, video and Google+ Hangouts for live interaction. Plus, at the end of the course, you'll get an official Power Searching with Google certificate upon completion.

Source: Power searching with google - Class 1 slide-set 

The Power Searching with Google schedule is as under:
  • Pre-class assessment from September 24
  • Class 1 - Introduction
  • Class 2 - Interpreting results
  • Class 3 -Advanced techniques
  • Class 4 - Find facts faster
  • Class 5 - Checking your facts
  • Class 6 - Putting it all together
  • Post-class assessment till October 10

So, without wasting any more time, do the following to be my course-partner:

Step 1: Register yourself here:

Step 2: Go through the Announcements to understand the course structure and note down the dates and timings:

Step 3: Make sure to fill your Profile correctly as that name will be printed on your Certificate (provided that you get clear the pre/mid/post-class assessment):

Step 4: By the time you read this, it's likely that you would have already missed the Pre-class assessment and Class 1 - Introduction. I have completed them and found them very helpful. No worries, just go and quickly take these two online classes before the next Class 2 on September 26 evening 10.30pm Indian time.

Step 5: And finally, share this blog post with all your friends, cousins, or someone whom you think might benefit from this one-time course!

After all this, if you're still not able to search for something on google, then just follow Mr. Sumit Chakraborty's tweet advice, haha:

So gear up, it's time to become a smart searcher!

Updated: October 10, 2012

I attended all the six classes and have just one word to describe it - fab!

What I've learnt thru this course is immense and I can do a lot more with Google Search. I'd like to thank our teacher Dan Russell and the entire Google team for organizing this course. On the right is a pic from one of our Google Hangouts where Dan (in blue shirt) answered our queries on advanced search.

If you also attended these classes, then I'm sure you can connect with my excitement and satisfaction from this course and in case you missed out then keep a tab for the third set of classes, just don't miss it. Don't.

It's been almost 4.5 years since I studied during late hours for something I liked so badly. As I was managing a lot of things at work, plus some personal commitments, it was hard for me to sit at ease and take the classes. However, I did manage to find time for attending all the classes, appeared for the Mid-assessment and Final-assessment tests and it gives me immense pleasure to share with you that I scored a perfect 100%. Personally, marks have never meant anything to me but this time, I just wanted to score a 100 for something that I have loved since 14 years. Thank you Google!

Happy power searching,