October 3, 2012

Hexaflexagons - kids must make this! (by @vihartvihart)

Today I was preparing some reports at work and it was a relatively easy-going day as the real analysis could start only I finished capturing all the data. Meanwhile, in between I checked my twitter timeline and saw @khanacademy retweet a tweet by Vi Hart who is a full-time 'mathemusician' (ever heard that? neither have I but read the whole post), and a member of Khan Academy. The tweet mentioned something called as 'hexaflexagon' and had a video link. I went on to watch it and it was simply mind blowing! The video has already created some kind of rage on the web and is about to touch a million views in just 2 days!

As I constantly look out for creativity, I would recommend you, and especially all kids to watch this video once and make a hexaflexagon for yourself. Go on, it's really fun! Plus, Vi Hart's narration is very simple and makes you feel she's sitting across the table guiding you at every step. She adds that the video is based on a true story in honor of Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games column - 'Hexaflexagons' (1956).

If you want to see some more cool stuff, then visit her blog too, which she has funnily called as 'Neglected Website'. Explore it well, it's a treasure chest full of creativity! The last I saw, Vi Hart tweeted she's happy about this video and how she feels she's improving. Well that's another message for you all - be creative but at the same time, always strive to improve and give something better than your last time.

If you liked this video, then do leave a comment below and share with your friends. Remember, creativity happens when you share it with all.

Happy hexaflexagoning!