October 17, 2012

TWITTER: Your advice needed pl.

Today one of my MBA batch mate from NMIMS, emailed me asking to help her school friend who had some questions on twitter. And why did my friend email to me? She thought I'm the ideal person to reply and called me as 'Twitter King!' haha. Okay, so without naming anyone I thought why not blog on this as there may be many more who would have the same questions when it comes to considering twitter. In this post, I've answered based on my personal experience on twitter. Hope it's helpful.

Q1: I started Twitter, mainly with the intention of promoting my blog site There can be many reasons to come on twitter, it's good that you decided to start! - I've enabled public settings, made my public profile, with details & shd I also enable the email setting (so that people can find me by email too)?
A1: Yes, although practically the chances of someone searching thru your email is very less but you can opt for that option. There's no harm.

Q2: If I have a favorite blog, how can I mark it at the top of the list of my tweets? (do I mark it as a favourite?)
A2: The favorite button under every tweet lists that specific tweet under Favorites tab on your profile page. It saves your favorited tweets in a chronological manner with the last favorited tweet appear at the top, so whichever was the last tweet favorited by you will show up at the top of the list. You can scroll down to see the entire list of your favorited tweets here.

Q3: How do I promote blogs/tweets, so a lot of people can view/comment on them?
A3: This is on the wish list of many bloggers but as one spends more time on twitter, one realized that in order to get a loyal set of readers, you will need to build a community around some common interest. This involves time and required personal effort in form of conversations, interactions and even reading other people's blogs. It's basically like farming, you have to do the hard work to see the crops grow!

Q4: How do I locate friends - through name/email? I presume that once I find them I have to mark them as 'following'?
A4: You can use the Find friends feature to find your friends by their name, email, or if you know their twitter handle from either their facebook account or blog, then you can just prefix it with twitter.com/, type it in a browser and hit enter - this will take you to their twitter profile. Once there, just hit the 'Follow' button below their bio to receive their tweets on your timeline. Apart from the friends you know, you can follow other people too based on some common interests. Try out these too:
  • Who to follow  - twitter recommends folks based on your tweets, interests, etc.
  • Browse Categories - a list of folks classified by topics of interest. 
While there are no rules, you should consider following new people if something in their bio interests you, or maybe they are from the same field, tweet things of your interest, are helpful, made you laugh, etc.

Q5: What else can one do on Twitter? What activities do most people normally undertake on Twitter?
A5: This is my favorite question! The possibilities on activities on twitter are endless. From simple conversations, to DM (Direct Messages sent one to one), to being the first to know breaking news, twitter chats around a common hashtag - one can do a lot! My advice, you might find things slow initially but once you build a good set of followers and follow diverse people, you'll self learn what happens on twitter.

Q6: Do you have any other advice to give me pl?
A6: Yes! Twitter is a very simple microblogging network, give some time to it. You'll like it. If you have any more questions, then leave a comment below or follow me on twitter @arifkhan7 and tweet to me!

I hope the advice mentioned on this post is helpful and you have a good experience on twitter. Every day brings something new with some fun, learning, and conversations. So go on, tell everyone 'what's happening?'

Good luck!