February 6, 2013

+Resources: useful links at one place

We are just one month down in 2013 and there has been a plethora of changes in the digital marketing space. The biggest being twitter's vine which inspires you to capture creativity in 6 seconds (watch out, this'll be a a game changer). In this dynamic industry, one really needs to keep pace with the latest stuff else you'll remain behind. So how do you do it? Well, you can follow some websites, subscribe to blogs and identify specialists on twitter who frequently share good stuff in the field of your interest. These will eventually be your 'sources' for staying ahead!

Over the years, I have identified some really good folks on twitter who are pioneers and accepted leaders in their field. They tweet in simple language and often reply to your questions which enriches my knowledge, fosters some new ideas and keeps me updated in everything digital. If you really want to make the best use of twitter then follow some knowledgeable folks from your field who share good content as cross-sharing ultimately drives conversations which in turn leads to idea generation. I end up consuming a lot of content on digital marketing, social media, analytics, trends, etc and this really helps me in many ways. Sometimes it's difficult to imagine an alternative 'source' besides twitter and google! In the last one year many questions have come to me too asking for trends, reports, etc and sometimes I'm not immediately able to answer back as I have to look through my favorited tweets which unfortunately doesn't have a categorization feature yet (that makes life difficult for someone who likes keeping things organized). Let's hope twitter introduces this feature in future!

Since my student days, I've developed a bookmarking habit where I save and categorize valuable content so that I can go back and find it whenever I need it. It just required 10 seconds of effort but is worth. One day using the same bookmark, I shared a link with one of my connections and got a reply:

It feels good that some folks look up to me for quick help on valuable content and Amar's reply "You are my first stop for digital right now" triggered an idea - as I read a lot of stuff on digital, I thought of creating a resource page here on maktion where I will list down handpicked content not only for myself, but for the readers. To start off, the content links will be categorized into 5 sets with regular addition of latest content and simultaneous removal of old content. So, it'll be a living document and not one more link holding page on the web. Even you can suggest some links in the comment section of the resources page. The aim is to make it a useful resource page here on maktion.

So guys, I'm calling it +Resources, where the plus sign signifies that this page will give you something more than the regular posts. I invite you to visit the page and explore the following 5 categories:

+Digital Stats, Trends & Reports
+Digital Marketing
+Social Media

Do leave a comment below to tell me what do you think of this initiative? Ultimately, the aim of this blog is to help you in some way or the other through these posts and I hope they add value to you for the time you've spent here.

Happy resourcing,

Image Sources: Nickcerda & Future Fundraising Now


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