March 31, 2013

Before and after #Tweet70000

It's the last day of the Financial year and tomorrow we'll all start off with some light jokes on Fool's Day. In all this, today I crossed a small milestone on twitter - my 70,000th tweet! If you're not on twitter, then this number may sound BIG and you'll think how much time has he been wasting there? Haha. I can understand. Well, all I can say is that the 60k tweet series has been the longest for me here on twitter among all previous 10k series. I think it took me almost 10 months from 60k to 70k tweets and that's long considering there was a time when I tweeted 10k tweets within a month! Anyways, keeping all the numbers aside I asked myself - is there something that has changed before and after #Tweet70000?

My 10,000th tweet was two years back where I shared 5 points on how has twitter helped me? More or less, those points remain the same but I will try to add some more points based on my recent experience on twitter. In random order:

  1. I tweet less now but read more and over time I've matured by becoming a sharp observer. My focus has been to learn first-hand from marketing champions and it has been satisfying till now.
  2. Started following more folks and accounts from my field to learn new and latest stuff in the #digital field. I read and remember their Bios well and make it a point to read their blog or website to understand them a little better. It helps while you're conversing with them.
  3. My rate of starring tweets (Favorite) has dramatically increased and unlike earlier I make it a point to read them within a few days. I find the links shared very useful and often end up taking new ideas at work. They also triggered the concept of creating a +Resources page here. 
  4. A lot of young professionals and students ask me questions related to digital, social media, education, career and even SRK! As much as I enjoy seeking answers from others, I equally enjoy answering to those who look up to me. It somehow completes the cycle of learning.
  5. Lastly on twitter, being cynical and playing down every act can bring instant popularity but I've kept myself away from being cynical. Come what may, I'll remain an optimist.
So, to sum up the experience in 140 and what am I looking forward to in my next jump, see below:

If you've come to this post via a link on twitter and also know me, then thank you for being kind and helpful. I will continue to tweet in my style and hope it adds value to you. After all, no one deserves unnecessary noise on their TL. If someone does, then don't hesitate to hit the Unfollow button as you are the owner of what you consume on twitter. Stay wise. Leave a comment below to share your experience on twitter

Keep tweeting,


  1. WOW. Simply Great Arif.
    I have been following you since few months now and I must say its been a nice learning experience for me . Though I first started in 2009-10 with twitter but only have been a regular in last 6 months or so.
    Following you has helped me learn lot of things here and looking forward for more... Keep them coming :-) ALL THE BEST


    1. Thank you bro! I enjoy your cricket expertise on twitter and hope you make the most of being on twitter. Id done right, it is a rewarding experience.

    2. Thanks bro...Cricket is something I am really passionate about and this platform allows me to express.
      The overall exp. has really helped me both professionally & personally.

  2. 70k is big deal Arik. Great going.

  3. Wow, congrats for the HUGE, EPIC, AWESOME jump! Can't wait for your "million maktion" post! :)